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Chartres labyrinth on the universal beads

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This page is mostly for my own reference, since I like to carry only one set of beads with me. I got to wondering if I could use the Universal Rosary, pictured at the left of the above photo, to help me keep my place while walking from memory the Chartres Labyrinth, also pictured above. It turns out the answer is yes :-) In the description below, I will be referring to the leftmost set of beads, the pony beads that are all the same size but different colors. (Ignore the thin silver spacer beads.) The set on the right is also a Universal Rosary, but the colors differ from the description below.

You will want to read my "Labyrinths you can do anywhere" page first.

By ignoring the second and third yellow beads on the Universal Rosary, you can use it to keep track of your place in the Chartres Labryinth or any of its derivatives (like the Railroad Maze and the Bridge Labyrinth.) You will not use the introductory beads on the "tail". Begin with the white and yellow beads. These represent the two beginning quarter circles that seem like an introduction to the Chartres labyrinth. The next two beads are the half circles. Then follow the pattern short-short-long-short-long-short-long. Notice that the second "long" is a white bead. It represents a path across the top of the labyrinth (or across the bridge on the bridge labyrinth). Skip the yellow bead and repeat the pattern short-short-long-short-long-short-long. Again, the white bead represents a path across the top of the labyrinth. A third time repeat the pattern short-short-long-short-long-short-long, skipping the yellow bead before the first "long". Yet again, the white bead represents a path across the top of the labyrinth. Finish with two shorts and two longs, and then the yellow and white bead will represent the two quarter circles that conclude the labyrinth. (Note that on the rightmost rosary, the round brown beads are the ones that represent a path across the top of the labyrinth.

This may be way too--well, labyrinthine--for anyone but me, but I like being able to use the one set of beads I carry with me for all my bead needs. :-)

copyright 2002 by Karen Deal Robinson

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