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posted by Eradicate 07/27/01

Congratulations to TO for their DF2 season. Due to lack of interest, motivation and almost no competition, we have decided to stop DF2. Most will still play DF2 and join other squads to make DF2 more competitive. We are known as the monopoly squad of DF2. Taking all the elite players from other squads and putting them together. Together we brought 5 titles and 50 straight wins. Congratulations to the squads that did give us a hard time (WAR, ZTV, atv).

In order, we will leave DF2 with the following members that deserve a fine recognition of their play on TO: Aftermath, Asschun, Boss Hog, Cirro, Crazy, Crosshair, Darksun, Death, Det Cord, Demo-D, Diablo, Eradicate, Galt, Goose, Headseeker, Incinerate, Lethal Beast, Neo, Recoil, Silentbob, Slider, SOC, and Violater. Thanks and good luck!

posted by Eradicate 07/23/01

We had 6 matches over the weekend, congrats to TO for winning them all. Out of those 6 matches we won 3 championships, POH, novaguild and DFW TDM tournies. Great job. We are now 1 win away from becoming 50-0!

posted by SOC 07/19/01

New site here.  Stuff is still being orgainized and fixed up so don't bug me about it.  Tomorrow we have two championship matches.  Good luck to :TO: in those!



posted by Eradicate 07/12/01

Congratulations to TO for their victories over ~UN~ and =ASF= in TDM. Also, TO defeats ZTV for the LWB Championship. Screens are posted in the Battles section.

posted by Eradicate 07/11/01

Congratulations to TO for their victory over TKA. Screens are posted in the Battles section.

posted by Aftermath 07/06/01

Welcome Neo to the Triumphant Ones! We also welcome Galt, Cin and Knight aka Reefer. Also congratulations to Aftermath and Eradicate for defeating Burney and Wolverine in the 2V2 Sniper Team Deathmath. We are FULL right now so we are not accepting any applications, also please dont ask us to join.

posted by Eradicate 07/05/01

Congratulations to :TO: for their victory over *atv* for the's semi finals. And we welcome Crazy/r@R to the squad.

posted by Eradicate 07/04/01

Congratulations to the Triumphant Ones for winning the *CNV* Summer Killfest CTF Tournament with an undefeated record.

posted by Aftermath 07/01/01

Congratulations to Eradicate for his 30-12 victory over Relic for Nvg's Season 3 DM Championship. Also Slider joins our ranks!

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