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Sister Attack

my sister and I were in our late teens and our family had gone camping with another family, who just happened to have a teenage son (don't ask me what our parents were thinking... lol). neither my sister or myself were very into the idea of roughing it, but this place at least had a working bathroom... unfortunately our camp sites were a looong ways away.

I don't know what time it was when we decided to make the hike up to the bathroom... but I can tell you there was no moon that night and all we had to guide us was one small flash light. well Rebel (the boys nic-name) must have decided that this was his chance to "get" us. we found the bathroom easily enough (was the only thing throwing any light for miles), but finding our family's camp site in the dark woods was another matter all together.

my sister and I were nervously looking around for anything (besides a tree) that looked at all familiar... when out of the woods with a ROAR came Rebel! well... my sister and I freaked. we each went running in a different direction. when I calmed down I realized that Rebel had gotten exactly the girly reaction he had hoped for. I knew I had to get even! I could still hear my sister..she was screaming and laughing, "Rebel stop it...STOP!". I blindly followed the sound of her screaming laughter (she had been holding the flashlight) and snuck up to them.

from behind a tree, I saw him... sitting on my sister and tickling the daylights out of her. being so horribly ticklish myself... my heart went out to her. I jumped out from behind the tree, and caught him completely by surprise (guess he was pretty focused on his tickle attack). knocking him to the ground, I sat on his chest... and my sister (still catching her breath) hopped right onto his knees. I knew I couldn't waste any time... after all he was bigger and could throw me off... unless I rendered him completely helpless... and quickly! so I went right for his pits. digging right in... I knew I had him! he did try to push me off but he had no strength left. behind me I heard, "I'll get his feet!". well... Rebel the bully was suddenly a pile of mush. "ohhh no... not my feet.", he croaked. oohh I was liking this... we would teach him! somehow my sister had managed to get his sneakers and socks off. then she asked him, "do you like scaring girls?... hhhmmm Rebel?". I don't think he could have answered her... even if she had given him a chance to, but the only thing I heard from him was a shriek and a shaky plea. "AAAAAAAHHHHHMYGOD....I'M SORRRRRRRYYY PLLLLE...E...E...EASE AAAAGGHH!". I was so wrapped up in this... that I had stopped tickling... but not for long. just when it seemed he had run out of air, I reached down and attacked his sides, my fingers crawling all the way back to his pits...

I don't know how long this went on... but after that he was not the docile boy we had hoped to make of him. in fact, it seemed that he did everything he could to get us riled up again... think he was hoping for another sister attack?