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The Bissell Family-All 5 of Them!

Announcing the birth of Joshua Charles Bissell!

In a short, Very Intense drug free labor, Laura gave birth to Joshua around 4:30pm on Friday February 18th, 2005.

Joshua is 9 lbs, 4.2 oz and 20 inches long

Laura and Joshua came home on Sunday 2/20

Here are some updated pictures. PLEASE pass the web address on to other family and friends since I know that we don't have everybody's e-mail address.

We will be updating this website continuously, please check back. We love you all.

Paul, Laura, Adam, Jordan and Joshua

Dressed and Ready to Go Home

Ready to Go

Home At Last

The Boys

Little Angel


Veteran Big Brother

Rookie Big Brother (Pretty Good, don't ya think?)

There are some more below

Click after each description below for more pictures!

Good Looking Kid: Click Here!

Brand New: Click Here!