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Tony's Bananas - welcome to the wacky world of banana sticker collecting.


Hello, my name is Tony Leigh and I live in Carson, California, USA.

I've been collecting for about 13 years and have quite a large collection containing over 3600 different banana stickers (also called labels) and am continually searching for more. The intent of this site is to solicit trades; no information on bananas will be found here - but some can be found on the many web sites listed on my links page. If you have some labels I might need I'd certainly like to hear from,  and trade with,  you. I have over 900 different extras you can choose from, all pictured on my many traders pages. I only collect, and offer, labels in fine condition and expect the same in return. A big thanks to all of you who have already traded with me. For information on label preparation and upkeep go to my care page. You can see a full list of the brands I currently have at my brands page.

Don't assume that, because  my collection is large, you have nothing to offer; new labels are constantly showing up and I certainly can't find them all.


Please don't hesitate to contact me. I would especially like to hear from anyone in Africa, Asia, Central America, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Philippines, South America, or any other banana producing area. Everyone, everywhere, is welcome to contact me.

Many banana brands have labels on other fruits and vegetables. Some comparisons can be seen here.

Collecting banana and other produce labels is a fascinating and very low cost hobby. Many nice people all over the world share the hobby and are eager to trade. Join in the fun and make new friends!

A few better examples, the variety is endless.
Sunblest   Fili Elephant Aloha Belbana's Monkey Fair-Nando