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  • 08.27.02

    • Okay, I've gotten the Forums up and running, although I have to warn you about a little snag on the trip to my forums. The people who are hosting this forum, have given me help and free hosting for this provided they can use pop up ads. I know they suck, but unfortunately, its what keeps things free nowadays. The snag is that when you click the forums link above, you will more than likely receive a message saying you have anti-pop up software installed. I don't even own anti-pop up software, but until I iron it out with them, will you please overlook this inconvenience and just click the recheck again link. It will only check to see if it can display a pop up, it wont look at anything on your computer, so rest easy. You will even see the little pop up window come up when you do this. Again, I apologize for this inconvenience, but this is the rocky road we're on to getting this site up and running. Perhaps once I can afford it, I can get some decent hosting at a good price, so that I can do away with pop ups and other people's quirks all at once.

    • Having said all that, Let me welcome you to the forums, and hope that you will join us there. It is the inner room, in which we can all hang out, and display our poetry to one another. The topic, Poetic Trances, will be the place we will select from to place in the selections page. If you wish to nominate a poem (either yourself or someone else's ) e-mail me and let me know. If its your piece, include your full name, and the date you wrote it, so that it can be included with your piece. It is also important to note that you will recieve your own section of Soul Factory, so a short (or long) bio on yourself will do well when we create that section for you. We will catalog your pieces that are submitted in an index, which will make for easier navigating through poets and their work.... So enjoy yourself, and thanks for coming!


  • 08.24.02

    • Still working on the scripts for the post requests and an easier index system for the poems. I figure I might as well implement it now, before it gets to be huge, and have to do more work then. So for now, just e-mail me with the piece you want to post, and your full name along with when you penned it. You will get full credit for your work on our site, and I will not archive your poems, save in the pages of this site. :)

    • I will begin adding more specialized links in the links section very soon. 


  • 08.06.02

    • I've been posting quite a bit on on my club board, so I've let this site gather a little dust. But I'm back to get things in order again... expect a full spring cleaning type deal going on in the near future.

    • Also, it's been decided that if you are interested in posting your poetry here, but are worried about the copyrights of it ( i.e. someone stealing your work) I would suggest checking out the copyright website to get more info on the subject. 

      From what I gather, by placing your name after said piece and dating it, its binding enough when you can provide an original piece with said date on it. You can go through the copyright procedures, but its just as easy to secure by placing your originals in an envelope, and mailing them to yourself. The post date will be the date of original copyright though, so don't post until you've done this to all your work. 

      it is a crazy world out there, and people are pretty low sometimes, so cover yourself now. 

      Anyway, enough rambling if your interested, just e-mail me and we can talk further. 

  • 06.26.02

    • Let me start off by saying thanks to everyone who's been visiting the site. 

    • Also, if you weren't aware of it, when you navigate throughout the site, the soul factory logo you see will instantly bring you back to the start page. I'm going to work on an easier Nav system, so keep checking back


  • 06.12.02

    • Is Eminem the Fore bearer of a new era in Rap?

    • Added one of Eminem's songs to the list.

    • Added a new poem...


  • 05.31.02 

        2:51  A.M.

    • Added new Members to our site

    • Updated member page as well as fixed links.

    • I'm going to design my own forum and set it up locally so that it blends a little better with what we're doing.

    • Trying to find a decent number of sites worth visiting and organizing them. Any suggestions? Hit me up...


  • 05.25.02

        Launched Soul Factory

    • The Site that lets you say what you need to...


ęCopyright 1999-2003 All poetry is the property of the respective author submitting said poetry. Any and all rights are theirs solely. We post freely, so if you believe someone has plagiarized you, please e-mail us.

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