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Welcome to my site, ignore the stupid address, I could not think of anything else to call this site!

this site is dedicated to the insane clown posse, some of the best music in tha world! and to all you ninjas, juggalos, and juggalettes please check out all my links and everything else i will add stuff soon.


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Wassup!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been gone fo tha summer an I'm back! i love ya lyrics! showin tha best and betta icp, personally i like tha old school icp. well whateva!

WAssup again! I haven't been here to modify or visit in ages, once again i love yo lyrics!!!

Man I'm lazy! But this site is starting to change that, I'm starting a new site, or rather, transferring this to a new one, and making it better! in a couple of dayz, I'll give the link, 'til then, keep on being a juggalo!

I personally would like to give my condolences for OUR country, f**k those terrorist!

check out my gallery! full of mad pics!

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some icp sites

insane clown posse's official web site
another icp page
another icp site
another icp site
other bands i like:

papa roach