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Developing or regaining your self-esteem basically requires you to follow some simple steps. The first step is very essential; believe that you are as good as the next person, that you are an EQUAL equipped with ALL THE TOOLS everybody else has; a brain, a body, a spirit, and the whole nine yards.

Some people think that self-esteem/confidence, courage, and other human characteristics are born with us. people had them from   The fact of the matter is that all human characteristics are learned after birth. Self-esteem is a major part of any human being. This process of learning makes self-esteem a skill that can be learned and developed. This is good news for all of because we can develop our self-esteem like we develop any skill.

For 25 years, I have been observing, and interacting with people.  I came to the conclusion that indeed there are major differences between people who are happy and those who are unhappy, between those who are successful, and those who are not.  Regain Your Self-Esteem (RYSE) is the result of these 25 years, which will show you how to become self   confident, assertive, happy, successful, and live the rest of your life at its best.