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Attachment Parenting

Attachment (Natural/Instinctual) Parenting is focused on making and maintaining an emotional attachment to your child. Dr. Sears' 7 B's can be considered an example of how this attachment is fostered. Attachment isn't permissive parenting, though many opponents seem to feel the focus of attending closely and quickly to infants and young children is overly permissive. Attachment fosters a young child's self-esteem and trust enabling  growth into independent, aware, and compassionate adults. 

Ask Dr. Sears (The official website for the Sears'; Dr. William Sears coined the term "attachment parenting" and defined the 7 "B's". The website has great parenting
    and pediatric advice.)
Kelly's Attachment Parenting (A thorough site providing links, articles.)

Attachment Disorder

Attachment Disorder is primarily documented in adopted children, and linked to abuse and neglect, or sometimes just too many different care-providers in the first couple years of life. Interestingly, treatment of attachment disorder includes teaching the (adoptive) parents attachment parenting techniques.

Authoritative Parenting

I use the term "authoritative" because most parents who chose this style are not intending to detach from their children. Parents using this approach believe they need to be authoritative over their children to achieve well-behaved, disciplined children. Unfortunately, even if a child can easily adapt to this approach (with minimal damage), both parents and child(ren) often find themselves detached-- parents, especially mothers, are focused on being apart from their children, parents don't really understand their children and place blame and shame on their child, and as a child grows older, discipline problems increase. This style of parenting lends itself to emotional neglect and abuse, verbal abuse, physical neglect and abuse, and parents who spend a lot of time disliking being parents.


Babystyle (Lots of stuff, including great baby clothes.)
Baby Trekker (My husband and I both love this soft carrier. Very versatile-- front or back carry, forward or backward facing baby or toddler. Takes some getting used
    to-- I affectionately call it "The Octopus"-- but easy to use once you are comfortable with it. I prefer the back carry with my toddler, my husband prefers the front
Mayawrap (A great sling, takes some getting use to initially. Infant thru toddler. With an infant, this was terrific for breastfeeding, as well as encouraging naps. With
    a toddler, I much prefer using the back carry. My husband does not prefer this sling.)
Motherwear (Really comfortable and fashionable clothes for breastfeeding.)
One Step Ahead (Children's clothing, toys, and gear. Safety.)
Playstore (toys, creative and imaginative play.)
Shawn Dell Joyce (art and prints)


Child-Friendly Organization (working toward making public places friendly to children, breastfeeding, and parents.)

Cloth Diapers

Links to diapers I have used and like, or have had highly recommended, WAHM businesses. The why's and how's of using cloth dipes.

Bummis (I like their covers, especially the snap ones.)
Kelley's Closet (great site and catalog, excellent shipping times and customer service.)
Stacinator (cute, and really comfy.)


Positive Parenting 

Extended Family/Grandparents

Family Health

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) (Please check the following links for some interesting links within the AAP.)



Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) (A natural method for birth control or pregnancy achievement, more thorough the the NFP method. Involves charting basal body
    temperature, cervical fluid, and cervical position as well as learning to understand a woman's body and what is normal.)


Infant Formula

Infants and Toddlers

Natural/Instinctual Parenting

The Natural Child Project (An organization devoted to supporting natural/attachment parenting. Provides links to research, news, other websites.)
Natural Instinct


Parenting Magazines/E-zines

Pets and Kids

Working Moms