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Maeve Pics Now

Last Update: 6/16/03
Maeve's Room

Maeve, Spring 2003

6 months old

In the top row, we have Maeve playing with her toys. The, after she toppled, Nan is helping her get back up-- yes, UP (she uses her straight legs like a see saw!) Then, she smiles for the camera (that's me behind her.) The last picture is her figuring out how to get her cups which were on the edge of the couch.


Bottom row has Maeve, with mom and dad, at her Half-Birthday Party. The next one is a close-up of her with her cake (no, she didn't get any!) Because she had recently turned 6 months old, the cake has decimal *LOL* (Her dad's idea!) The last picture is her and her Nan smiling-- some really great smiles!

5 months old

Top row: Maeve and her cousin Amaya sharing toys. Maeve on the attack with the suction-mouth! Oh, did I forget about her teeth? She has six of 'em! Next, she's grabbing for Pop Pop's beard-- hey, doesn't dad have a furry face, too? Cool!

Bottom row: Maeve shows off her AJ's wool soakers (cloth diapering), and then she relaxes on the grass. With her Grandpa, she tries to figure out how to play chess-- first step? Uh, get the board out!