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Kate's recommended books list

Please note: this list is highly subjective. Many friends who know what a bookworm I am have asked me to recommend books; for ease I have put the top 10 first and this is followed by an extensive listing of all the general fiction and a few non fiction books that I would recommend for pleasure reading (the top 10 are also repeated in the general list). I tend to be a sucker for prose that veers towards the lyrical. I haven't included "the classics" beacuse for the most part, I think they don't need my humble recommendation.

I'm always on the prowl for new authors--if you think we share the same taste in literature, please email me with your favorite authors/books. Happy reading!

Top Ten Books--in no particular order

  1. Gilead (Robinson)
  2. The Collected Works of Billy the Kid (Ondaatje)
  3. Homestead (Lippi)
  4. Everything is Illuminated (Foer)
  5. The Book Thief (Zusak)
  6. Alias Grace (Atwood)
  7. The Stone Diaries (Shields)
  8. First Light (Baxter)
  9. Ship Fever and other stories (Barrett)
  10. Girls (Busch)

Complete list of recommended books, alphabetized by author's last name -- last modified 5/7/2007

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