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Fashions of Randland
Welcome to my page dedicated to the "Customs & Costumes" of the Wheel of Time. As you very may or may not know, as part of the Dragonmount community, I am an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, and one of my jobs in the White Tower is teacher of a class.

And so, I teach "Customs & Costumes," a class about all the various nations in Randland, telling them a little bit about geography, history, culture, customs and of course, most importantly, the fashions. One would never want to seem out of place in each new nation.

And now that class has a place on the internet. Here can be found each lesson from the two courses, as well as a number of sketches of the various outfits. At the moment I have only been able to draw sketches of the female outfits, but that isn't such a big problem, as all my students are female.

So, feel free to browse around my little shop. I do hope you find some valuable information here!

Eladari Menaka
Green Ajah

Customs & Costumes
Andor Ghealdan and Amadicia
Cairhien Arad Doman and Murandy
Altara Illian and Mayene
Tarabon The Borderlands
Tear Atha'an Miere
Aiel Ogier

Sketches of the Fashions of Randland
Andoran Commoner Caihienin Noble
Altaran Noble Domani and Tarabon
Illian Noble Saldaen Noble
Tairen Commoner Tairen Noble

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