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My Links
Here you will find my favourite places to visit. It's a whole mixture of various nooks and crannies on the web. From medieval to space and everything in between. There are also links to pages that I've taken various graphics from. Please have a look! They are well worth the visit!

Wheel of Time Links:

  • - a compilation list of all characters in WoT.
  • WoT Index - a great source for anything WoT. Lots of useful links.
  • The WoT Worldbook - another great source. The Worldbook outlines the cultures of each nation and people, and has many really great illustrations.
  • The WoT Concordance - this one really is everything WoT-related. But, it's in text format, and a little more difficult to read.
  • Old Tongue Dictionary - in case you need that old language.

Fantasy and Medieval Links:

General Links: My Friends' Sites: Sites I have taken graphics from:

And for all the graphics that didn't get credit, they are there simply for personal use, to brighten up my web page. If there is a problem, such as an item you would not like me to display, please contact me. Thank you!

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