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Realm of Fantasy
Welcome to my Realm of Fantasy. Here is a place where you can stay a while and rest your weary feet, before retaking the road of your journey. So please, sit down, relax and enjoy a cup of mint tea.

While in my Realm, you can learn of many things. Here can be found information about the Wheel of Time, a fantastic fantasy book series, by Robert Jordan. There is a section dedicated to the fashions and customs of that world.

And, of course, you can learn a little bit about me, and even see my collection of recent photos.

For those interested in my newer developments, visit my NEW website at:

I hope you enjoy your stay. Please sign the Guestbook on your way out, I do like to remember my visitors.

Thank you!


September 9 '05 -Wow, long time no update. You will notice some deletions and there is now (finally!) a link to my NEW website (though it's not entirely finished yet...)
March 11 '03 -Update pics once again! New pics from reading break
February 2 '03 -Updated piccies, including two from the RJ book signing! Yeehaw!
January 5 '03 -Finally got around to adding new pictures! Also just finished reading Crossroads of Twilight, what a great book!
August 28 '02 -Update on a few pictures, and fixing odds and ends around the site. Also added new background for C&C.
June 26 '02 -New Look! I changed a few things around to make it better - no more popup!
June 20 '02 -New pictures from Grad, no thumbnails though!
April 6 '02 - Pictures up from my Phoenix Band Trip.
Feb. 13 '02 - Added some a new RP to the catalogue in the "My Character" section.
Jan. 29 '02 - I've added 3 poems, but not one's written by me. Just... nice poems. Go check them out. Oh yeah, I added a counter too... keep track of how many actually do or don't drop by!
Jan. 18 '02 - One more new poem has been added. Yes, the creative juices are flowing.
Jan. 14 '02 - I have added a new poem titled "Anew", plus this update table!
Dec. 18 '01 - "My Character" section under the Wheel of Time is finally completed. All info about Eladari, my Aes Sedai.

"The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge" - Albert Einstein

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