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Of my Realm
I bid thee welcome to my realm. *sweeps a curtsy* I am honoured that you wish to learn of me, and of the realm in which I live. I must introduce myself, I am Lisa, though some may know me as Eladari, as I sometimes go under that name. *wink*

As Lisa, I am a University student living in Canada. I am learning to be a french teacher, as the french language is one of my passions in life. I have many hobbies in life including playing the flute, crocheting, cross-stitch, stamp collecting and reading.

One of my loves in life is nature. My favourite place is beside a rough ocean, where I can listen to the waves and nothing else. Another of my loves is all things from the distant past. I love history, and sometimes feel that I would fit much better in the earlier age of Medieval, even with all the dirt and trials, it was a simpler time. Another love of mine is travelling, and have flown from one side of Canada to the other, been down into the US, and even over to England and France. I have decided that of all the places I've visited in Canada I love Newfoundland the best. I recommend to everyone to visit Newfoundland at least once in their life. *g*

As Eladari Menaka, I am an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah with the Wheel of Time community. I am dedicated to the fight against the Shadow, and the growth of the White Tower. If you wish to learn more, please feel free to visit the pages dedicated to the Wheel of Time: The Wheel of Time

Thank you for coming to visit, and please, make sure to look around and relax a little before retaking the road of your journey.

Yours truly,


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Oh yes, I do also happen to have a great sense of humour...

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For all those who follow a spiritual path, take a moment to follow the course of the moon, and listen to his spiritual advice:

And for all those who may be stumbling around...
take these words of wisdom:

"I don't condemn others for their faith. To them it might be as real as my faith is to me! I guess we'll never find out until we die." - Allyson Davis

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