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More HORSE HAIR JEWELRY designs...

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Horse Hair Necklaces for all ages, male and female.

This young man (age 6) had been studying Indians in school. When Jared saw my necklaces, he had to have one! Here we are making one, Jared helped in the design of his new Horse Hair necklace.

Different braiding techniques are used.

Top braid is 3-strand with white and brown. Second down is mixed hair/herringbone braid. Horse hair colors are black, white to gray, brown to sorrell and a mixed variety.


Each necklace is UNIQUE. They are truly ONE-OF-A-KIND.

The necklace above is for a man. It is a herringbone braid, mixed hair, accented with wood beads, Indian hairpipe beads and an Eagle's claw (simulated).

A wide variety of interesting materials such as faceted beads, metal, feathers, stones, leather, and much more, are applied to different designs.

All ends of necklaces are tasseled, connected by a clasp. Most are beaded between tassel and clasp for a finished look.

Prices start at $25.00 and go up. Some of the designs above may be sold. Please email me about availability.


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