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Passenger Coaches and Railcars

Short Metal Coaches
Vehicle Numbers: 51-58 ; 71-84 ; 91-98 ; 111-117 ; 601-643 ; 681-688
Typical Train Composition: Mainline Diesel locomotive + Up to 12 coaches.
Today, each train must include a generator coach in order to supply power to the air-conditioning systems.
Overall Length: 20.644 - 25.094 m, according to type.
Entered service in Israel: 1955-1995, according to type.
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'Mo-Do' Coaches
('Spanish' Push-Pull coaches)
Vehicle Numbers: Generator/Driving coaches - 301-305
Ordinary coaches - 311-342
Typical Train Composition: Push-Pull equipped mainline locomotive + Up to 8 ordinary coaches + Power/Driving coach.
Possible locomotives include all Alstom-built mainline locomotives as well as several converted G12 and G26 locomotives
Overall Length: Generator/Driving coach - 26.8 m ; Ordinary coach - 26.4 m
Original Maker: GEC-Alsthom, Spain with participation by Ha'Argaz, Israel
Entered service in Israel: 1996-1997
Original Number of Seats: Generator/Driving coach - 38 ; Ordinary coach - 86

Double Deck Coaches
('Komotayim', 'Du-Komatiyim')
Vehicle Numbers: Generator/Driving coaches - 401-415
Ordinary coaches - 425-466
Typical Train Composition: Alstom-built mainline locomotive + Up to 3 ordinary coaches + Power/Driving coach.
It is therotically possible to convert push-pull equipped G12 and G26 locomotives for this duty
Overall Length: Generator/Driving coach - 27.27 m ; Ordinary coach - 26.8 m
Original Maker: Bombardier, Germany
Entered service in Israel: 2001-2002
Original Number of Seats: Generator/Driving - 79 ; Ordinary coach - 142
Three further four-coach sets as well as five individual coaches (for strengthening existing sets) are currently on order.

Esslingen Railcars
Quantity and Numbering: Twelve sets, numbered 1-12
Set Composition: Power/Driving unit (VT) + Middle unit (VM) + Driving unit (VS)
(a second middle unit was later added to most/all sets)
Wheel Arrangement: B'2' + 2'2' + 2'2' (three-unit set)
Overall Length: Power/Driving unit - 23.8 m ; Middle unit - 22.3 m ;
Driving unit - 23.2 m
Overall Length of Three-Unit Set - 69.3 m
Entered service in Israel: 1956-1958
Original Maker: Power/Driving unit - Esslingen, Germany
Middle units - WMD, Germany
Driving unit - LHB, Germany
Propulsion System: A single 1000hp Diesel engine with hydraulic transmission. Engine Maker: Maybach, Germany
Original Number of Seats: Power/Driving unit - 56 ; Middle unit - 106 ; Driving unit - 86
All seats are in 3rd class except 40 in the driving unit which are in 2nd class
In the early 1960's all the engines were removed from the railcars and they were used as locomotive-hauled sets until 1979. Seven middle units were refurbished and converted to regular locmotive-hauled coaches during 1992-1995.

IC3 Railcars
Quantity and Numbering: 30 sets, numbered 1-27, 32-34 (+ 11 sets on order)
Set Composition: Power/Driving unit (MF1) + Middle unit (FF) + Power/Driving unit (MF2)
Wheel Arrangement: (1A)'(A1)'(1A)'2'
Four 2-axle bogies with three powered axles. The two inner bogies are articulated and shared by two units each.
Overall Length: Power/Driving unit - 20.533 m ; Middle unit - 17.733 m Overall Length of Set - 58.799 m
Entered service in Israel: 1992-2002
Original Maker: ABB-Scandia/Adtranz/Bombardier, Denmark
Propulsion System: Four 394hp Diesel engines with hydraulic transmission. Engine Maker: KHD (Deutz), Germany
Original Number of Seats:
First Batch (sets 01-10) Rest of the Sets
Power/Driving unit 1 - 50
Middle unit - 64
Power/Driving unit 2 - 53
Power/Driving unit 1 - 53
Middle unit - 68
Power/Driving unit 2 - 56
Every set From no. 11. onwards one of the engines is dedicated solely for electricity generating purposes, in order to deal with the increased consumption of the enlarged air-condioning units.
Most sets from no. 12 onwards went through their final assembly in the RAMTA factory in Be'er-Sheva, Israel.

Series 611 Tilting Railcar
Quantity and Numbering: Single set for demonstration purpose - German Railways' (DB) no. 27
Unit numbers: Bpd - 611 027-4 + ABp - 611 527-3
Set Composition: Power/Driving unit (VT) of 2nd class with bycicle space (Bpd) + Power/Driving unit (VT) of combined 2nd class and 1st class (ABp)
Wheel Arrangement: 2'B'+B'2'
Overall Length: Each unit - 25.87 m Overall Length of Set - 51.74 m
Service in Israel: A month's demonstration in March 1998
Original Maker: Adtranz, Germany
Propulsion System: Two 724hp Diesel engines with hydraulic transmissions, one each per unit. Engine Maker: Cummins, USA
Original Number of Seats: Bpd unit - 77
ABp unit - 71, including 25 in 1st class
After finishing the demonstration tour, the set was returned to Germany.

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