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Animated Cursors

Below you will find some zip files containing a selection of animated cursors. (Note that the cursors shown are only a small selection of the cursors contained in each zip file.) All have been created by myself (hence their limited quality) except for those by my illustrious colleague, the Transcendental Pi Man. His cursors are nearly all in 16 colour, as are those in the file thus named, and most of the Doorman files. The rest require your computer being able to display icons and cursors in 256 colours. Without that, they will display, but they'll look like rubbish.

The animated cursors were created in MicroAngelo Animator. The Pi Man's are all his own work, but many of mine are based on icons created by other, here nameless, artisans. Every effort has been made to put the hot-spot somewhere sensible; if not, it will be in the top left hand corner of the cursor frame.


fire samples

31 cursors - 80k zip file


PiMan samples

20 cursors - 29k zip file


various samples

42 cursors - 78k zip file

16 Colour

16 colour samples

39 cursors - 28k zip file



28 variations of this cursor - 57k zip file

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