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If only she knew.       6-20-08

if she only knew
my love was true
my tears would have been enough
but i hid them from my love
if i had only known
her choices were not her own
for my love for her was true
if she only knew

I See       7-13-08

I see you there, Sad and Alone.
I see your heart, Turning to Stone.
I see my arms, Holding you Tight.
I see us, Make Love all Night.
I see a smile, On your Face grow.
I see your heart, Begin to Glow.
I see myself, Smiling so Bright.
I see our love, It Feels so right.

My Love       7-05-08

True is my love for you
Imagine i cannot without you
My arms long to hold you
My Heart beats with yours
My eyes desire to look upon you
My ears wish to hear you
My lips love to kiss you
My body wants your touch
My legs lead me to you
My heart tells my brain its all true
That is my love for you

Girl in the Window       7-05-08

I see a girl in the window,
looking out at the world,
wondering why she doesnt know,
why she is where she's at and,
why its so cold.

Stuck inside the box,
so alone and sad,
Ever looking for the key,
that shes always had.

How to find whats lost,
a question we all face,
where did i have it last,
why am i stuck in this race.

So long and tired,
looking for answers to riddles,
with the key so hard to find,
she breaks the window,
and at long last is FREE....

Once upon a time there was a guy. Living out his life lonely and bored with all that he did because he was alone. Then one day a new family moved into the neighborhood. Of this new family he found the most beautiful young lady hed ever seen and instantly became infatuated with her. Being a shy guy he had to take it slow n let her know that he liked her. Made friends with her brothers and kept himself around at all availabe times. The one day She got tired of waiting and asked him out because she liked him too. Well they were happy like never before every time they were together. Sharing many adventures and laughing and loving everything seemed perfect. Even when she moved away for a short time they were many miles apart and had no way of communicating their love endured from the time to time visits she got to make to see him. Finally after a couple months of being away she got to move back where he could see her every day again and nothing had changed. They were happier every day they got to spend together loving one another. Moving along living life things were great till one day he had to move unexpectedly. He had to leave his love for who knows how long till he could get a job and money to come back and see her. A few weeks past and finally a job and money, woohoo i get to see my love again. Little did he know this would turn out to be the worst day ever. He arrived only to find his love saying that she didnt want to be with him anymore because she wanted another. For all the time they were apart there were people telling her that he was prolly cheating on here and that she shouldnt stay with him untill she decided to call it quits against her will. Being a average guy he was to proud to cry in front of a girl even for love and being hurt and mad at the thought of her wanting another he turnd his back got in his car and left. He didnt cry untill he got out of her driveway and started down the road. He now knows he shouldve fought harder to keep her, but was too upset at the time. Moving along through life making one mistake after another lots of hard times befall him and he always takes everything that comes his way with a smile and a shrug. Pushing through lifes trials one by one till he just cant seem to take it anymore. A long bumpy road it has been cold and lonely. Not always alone but never complete he continues to smile at the world around him. Thirteen years past and no there seems to be no end to the sadness and heartbreak around him. What an odd number of years for things to turn in his favor, he always liked the number 13. Out of the blue one day at work of all places and at a time when he would not normally be there but having to work late the phone rings. When he picks up the phone he doesnt recognize the voice or the name of the lady caller. She has to explain for a few seconds who she is because he had almost forgot all about her. At that very instant he instantly felt flushed head to toe for this was his long lost love to whom he had shared so much happiness. Not knowing what to expect and being totally shocked he could barely speak. She says she wants to talk to him about something important. Not knowing what to expect he wants to know what is up but she doesnt wanna talk at first. So she calls back a time or 2 and asks the questions that she wants to know the answers to. Unsure what to say he doesnt answer all the questions truthfully at first. For once he had realized who he was talking to at first all the feelings he once felt had came right out of him and completely caught him by surprise. He had not realized how much he still cared for and loved the owner of the voice coming across the line.

to be continued.....

My Heart       7-26-08

Somethings missing, when your not around
Without you, i dont hear a sound
Theres something missing, its hard to tell
A sound i know, all too well
What is this thing, i cannot find
If i didnt know better, id say im blind
There it is, now its so clear
My heart, my heart, its not there
Where, oh where must it be
Surely anyone can see, it is with thee
You have my heart, so keep it warm
Keep it safe, wrapped in your arms
It is yours, to have, to hold
Together forever, may we never grow old

No Title 8-15-08

Tina, My Lovely, I miss you so.
Without you, I dont know where to go.
I Love You, My Dear, With all my heart.
And wish we werent, so far apart.

Tina, My Love.       8-31-08

Tina, My Love, My Dear,
Let me Whisper in your Ear.
A Little bit of Nothing,
Or a whole lot of something.
How i Love you so so Much,
How i Love to feel yout Touch.
How my Love reaches long Miles,
How i Love to see you Smile.
Tina, My Love, Let me be Clear,
Ill will always Love you forever,
Whether you are Far or Near.