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Passion Statement

What are YOU passionate about?

Pssst...hey you...Do you ever ask yourself what makes you passionate? I'm not talking about a bed full of rose petals or other kinds of manufactured passion--but true passion--the kind that lights up a telltale twinkle in your eye when you talk about something that you love to do. Something that you lose yourself totally in...It could be fly-fishing or flying, collecting stamps or stamping your feet to the beat of your own song... Whatever it is--deep down you know that your life is incomplete without it in some want more of it--even if you don't know what it is yet...It's my intention to dedicate this site (a passion in progress--so please bear with me) to finding, creating, rekindling, sparking and blazing creative urges into full-fledged passionate wonders--the product is YOU. The time is now. Don't procrastinate, incubate and gestate and birth forth the inner light that is uniquely yours. P.S. If this triggers an unusually strong and uncharacteristically cynical side of you that wants to say--"What is this hippie freak girl talking about?!" then guess what--you need it more than anyone my friend. :) The things that get under our skin and push our buttons the most are the ones with hidden wisdom and lessons for us. So stay tuned and open your mind, heart and spirit to the passion you've lost along the way up, or down, as the case may be, the corporate ladder, on the relationships merry-go-round or that you left on a bar stool somewhere. ;) It's still somewhere inside of you waiting to be unearthed. Can't you feel that tug? That leap of faith waiting for the green light? That restlessness that there must be something else. Something more...

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