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wilby '05

here's some pictures from the ride, some from the comp, and some from the actual competing

P1140002.JPG P1140003.JPG P1140004.JPG P1140006.JPG P1140013.JPG
ryan's "turban"..just a blanket, no worries
P1140014.JPG P1140015.JPG P1140016.JPG P1140035.JPG P1140036.JPG
he was hiding in our closet
P1140038.JPG P1150039.JPG P1150041.JPG P1150052.JPG P1150042.JPG
nelson's bday...can't really tell, but theres a muffin w/a candle in it. this bus totally got stuck in the yard...don't ask. the bus was in the process of gettin out.. it was in there to the bottem of the back bumper chillin before the competition
P1150043.JPG P1150044.JPG P1150046.JPG P1150047.JPG P1150048.JPG
nap time male colorguard more male colorguard
P1150049.JPG P1150050.JPG P1150051.JPG P1150053.JPG P1150054.JPG
female colorguard more before inspection inspection
P1150055.JPG P1150058.JPG P1150059.JPG P1150061.JPG P1150062.JPG
little flash again will and howard's armed dual they took 1st with this routine

Last updated: 2/28/05