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the coffee cup tower cotton eye joe dance will and his gf more dining out dancing
P2120007.JPG P2270015.JPG P2270017.JPG P2270016.JPG
some people at dining out pebb and chads bling at the game elyse and jenn
P2270018.JPG P2270019.JPG P2270022.JPG P2250011.JPG
manley field house section 3 champs! the scoreboard. chillin at maggies
P2250012.JPG P2250013.JPG PC280006.JPG PC280008.JPG
mr big stuff.. lol freddie, who won't lay down with anyone anymore.. hooters from when rob was here rachel and bryan
a retarded chicken wing, maybe you can't tell, but it was.

Last updated: 2/28/05