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New Year's Eve

P1010039.JPG P1010041.JPG P1010042.JPG P1010043.JPG
midnight shot w/jen's madre
P1010044.JPG P1010045.JPG PC310014.JPG PC310016.JPG
pebb and amanda gettin a whiff of the remote after i tripped over their shots of watermelon puckers and spilled it on the remote i'm not sure who's underwear those are...but i think (and hope) they're clean before the festivities began 1st shot
PC310017.JPG PC310020.JPG PC310021.JPG PC310022.JPG
still the 1st one, i think...maybe that is when the fly attacked pickin a card, i think.. high five? they missed
PC310027.JPG PC310028.JPG PC310029.JPG PC310031.JPG
posin w/bud singing to our drinks..and the cheese who flung the cheese!?
PC310032.JPG PC310033.JPG PC310035.JPG
me on the floor, obviously, this is after i leaned over to hear jen whisper something about a fetus, and we clunked heads, and down i went bud never turned around..