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Gloucester '05

our last meet of the year, my last meet ever. we got 3rd over all at this meet, 3rd armed trick, 2nd female colorguard, and 1st guidon. it rocked.

P4030120.JPG P4030121.JPG P4030122.JPG
from salem that statue is sooo scary looking me and bitty
P4030123.JPG P4030124.JPG P4030125.JPG
self explanitory this is as well at the Tex-Mex in boston
P4030126.JPG P4030127.JPG P4030128.JPG
umm. yea will eating hot hot hot wings they were too hot for him
P4030129.JPG P4030131.JPG P4030132.JPG
josh and howard holding the door shut so major couldn't get out kelly still holding the door
P4030133.JPG P4030134.JPG P4030135.JPG
major, after they let him out mass of boys in one seat well, just 3
P4030136.JPG P4030137.JPG
sondra and the cookie the way the other pic shoulda looked. don't ask

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