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Kerri Lynne Pativino

Bellow is a story I found online. I can not even remember where it was anymore so I can not give credit to the original site. the page can be found at If any of you know the original site please let me know. I finaly decided to repost this story because it was haunting me. Now, I only have this page for proof, but that was enough to chill my blood. I am going to reprint it as I found it. I am looking into this story and if any of you have any information please E-Mail Me with it. If this is true, it is up to all of us to help.

*Start of original text*

This is the sad story about a "victim and a "victimizer" and about those who could not tell the two apart.

In 1995 Kerri Lynn Patavino was working as a school bus driver in Trumbull CT. Kerri was a model employee and was well loved by students, faculty, and parents as well as her fellow employees. Kerri cherished her family and maintained a close relationship with all three of her children.

In June 1995, her happy life turned into a living nightmare. Kerri felt sorry for a young emotionally disturbed boy, (John Gall) who was a daily passenger along her bus route. Kerri had known his family for many years. His Uncle Howard even attended at her husband's first wedding.

The boy claimed he was being abused and Kerri felt sorry for him. Kerri spoke with me about the situation, and I encouraged her to intervene. I did this because I knew this boy's family. In fact, when his mother, (Loretta) went on a drug spree and abandoned him and his brother, I was offered the job of being their nanny. I was interviewed inside of a dirty little shack adorned with piles of beer cans along the outside of the structure. I did not feel safe taking the position, as his father was drunk even when I was interviewed and told me I would have to sleep on a couch, in the center of the structure with no privacy.

Kerri tried to boost this young man's self esteem by talking to him and even letting him baby-sit her little nine year old girl. During the short period he baby-sat her he was able to molest Kerri's daughter. He told her little girl that if she told ANYONE what had transpired that evening; he would get her mother into trouble.

Kerri's daughter told her shortly afterward and made her promise never to tell anybody. She felt the shame that many victims of rape and molestation suffer from. Kerri didn't tell anybody, but she did call the boy and express to him that he was no longer welcome in her home or around any members of her family.

J. Gall worried about her calling the police and made up a ludicrous tale. He told his Mom that he was afraid because the "witch" was after him. Kerri practices an Earth based religion called Wicca. Wicca is acknowledged by the US government as a religion and is practiced freely by Wiccans on US military bases across the United States.

His mother took J. Gall to the police, where he filed a report that he had been having sex with Mrs. Patavino and that she had forced him to drink blood and engage in witchcraft. He of course, left out the part about her being a vegetarian. He did tell police officers that Mrs. Patavino had nude photos of him in her kitchen. However, when Kerri was arrested they searched her house and found NO EVIDENCE relating her to any of the crimes he accused her of.

There were NO nude photos anywhere. What the police did take for evidence was Kerri's religious athame, her tarot cards and a video on the craft.

At this time, her children were removed from her home by social workers. It was in their custody that Kerri's daughter told them about John Gall molesting her. The Social workers alerted the police and told Kerri she should file a report with the Monroe Police Department. Kerri tried unsuccessfully to make an apointment for three weeks. Officer Bobkowski, (the same officer handling her case) never returned her calls. Finally, she brought her daughter into the Police station.

After questioning her daughter, the officer on duty told Kerri that he had asked her daughter trick questions to see if she was lying. He said he believed she was telling the truth. Unfortunately for him, he was coincidentally demoted a short time later.

During the trial J. Gall's mother, (Loretta) testified that she did not know the Patavinos personally. Within the first few minutes of her testimony she was caught in a lie. J. Gall stated that Kerri had sex with him over 50 times during a four-month period. He said that she, (a short, petite woman) had forced him, (a boy at least six feet tall) to take drugs and alcohol. He also stated that this vegetarian had cut herself during sex and forced him to drink her blood. It should also be mentioned that as a school bus driver Kerri had to submit to mandatory drug tests. All of which she passed with flying colors.

States attorney Stephen Sedensky told the court that he did not plan on pursuing the charges that J. Gall molested Kerri's daughter. He defied federal law by doing this. Kerri's daughter has to live knowing her molester is free and her protector is incarcerated.

The trial was totally unfair. Kerri's jury was not sequestered and it is felt that they were exposed to the influence of the media. No one on Kerri's jury was Wiccan. The media sensationalized the entire case. The Connecticut Post's "self proclaimed" journalist Dan Tepfer wrote subsequent articles claiming Kerri to have had sex more than 50, more than 80 and in his latest more than 100 times.

At Kerri's sentencing he claimed that her "followers" were chanting in the courtroom. The only Wiccan in the courtroom was Kerri. Kerri and I have written editorials, which to this day remain unpublished. The true story was censored from being printed.

Attorney Mirsky, (Kerri's lawyer during her trial) was friends with the judge. This seems to be a big conflict of interest. When Attorney Mirsky asked to be allowed to step down as Kerri's lawyer because he felt he could no longer defend his client, his request was denied.

One day, (while Kerri's witnesses were out in the hall waiting to testify) Mirsky decided to rest Kerri's case. To her horror he did this without her prior consent and without her being allowed to testify on her own behalf. Yet all of Kerri's constitutional rights to appeal have been consistently denied.

Kerri and her family have begun to serve a six-year sentence. Kerri is innocent and does not deserve to be incarcerated with criminals. She is serving her sentence in a maximum-security prison with murderers and other violent criminals. This is the only women's prison in CT. It is an hour and a half drive from her home.

Kerri's case is one of many convictions of the innocent across the USA. This could happen to anyone of us. Just being different or being poor can play a big role in whether you are able to prove yourself innocent.

*End of original text*

Bellow is a picture of Kerri Patavino and her son Vinny

I will be investigating this case for accuracy and will update the page when I find out more. If you know of any others like this let me know and I will repost them in this section

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