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Zach Oat's Terrible Mistake
Hi there. Welcome to Zach Oat's Web page. Yes, that's Zach with an "H," short for Zachary. (Don't be putting no "K" in my name, playa, 'cuz I hate that.) I'm a toy-collecting, magazine-editing cartoonist, and I'm here to rock your world!
Actually, there's no real reason for this page, except as a portal to my T-shirt company, 24/7 Magnum, and to show off some pictures from my thesis show, "City/Drawings" (a weird array of urban imagery as seen from a suburban viewpoint), and some comic strips I've done over the years. For some reason, I have a tendency to make my webpages dark and brooding, and I paint myself as some kind of psycho, but this time I may just fill the space with fun pictures and poetry. And kitten parts. (They take up more space than you think.)

On this page you'll find my comic strips: "Stumpy, the Tree Who Could Walk," "Fountain Ave." and "Ricky & Chaz," the last of which can also be found in the wastebaskets of most children's magazine editors. I have also added some editorials from my school paper, most of which will only be funny to people who read them in 1999, while attending Wesleyan University. Still, enjoy them if you can.
So sit back, enjoy, and feel free to contact me at, and ask me when the site's gonna get all freaky. Unless you're scared already. Then rest easy in the fact that a cookie from this site has just invaded your computer, e-mailed me your street address and reminded me that I need more gas.
Look for my car; it's a Corolla.