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Angela's Poem



Angela's Poem

When we were children
Living in
A chaotic world
 Where lies within
Abuse and alcohol
And Daddy looked
Twelve feet tall

We learned to hit
And how to fight
Hurt each other,
 We'd kick and bite
We'd watch Daddy
 Beat up Mom
We'd cry and scream 
"Help Someone!"

The very thing 
That we should love
Instead we'd always
Push and shove
We'd tear each other
All apart
Misery was always
In our heart

But now the tables
Sure have changed
We grew up
And rearranged
The pecking order
Of family pride
No longer do we
Have to hide

Inside ourselves
So no one sees
The awful, ugly
Part of me
We learn to grow 
And cultivate
A Lovely Garden...
No more self hate

So now we see 
That we can end
The lasting effects
That extend
To all the children
Who grow up
In a world of chaos
Of Booze And Drugs

Angela Dawn Christie
September 1996
All Rights Reserved

Written for my sister
After a suicide attempt
She completed a suicide
Attempt in March 1999

I Miss You Sherry
Love Angela xo 

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