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Welcome to Living In The Moment
The site was last updated on January 7th of 2002
This site opened on June 26st of 2001.

Little Note: I'm having problems right now with the server that all the pictures are on. When I open up the pictures, they all come up with x but really they're correct so I don't know what's going on and I'm trying to fix it but I don't know how long it will take.

Welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy it and if you have any comments or suggestions,you can email me at I'm sorry about all the pop-up banners, I'm hoping that I can get hosted by, but in the meantime if you keep one banner open there shouldn't be anymore pop-ups.

This site was made by Ashlee, nobody else but her and if you want anything off of this site, email me and I'll gladly give it to ya.

Lifehouse is:
Jason Wade- vocals/songwriter/guitar
Sergio Andrade- bassist
Rick Woolstenhulme- drummer
Stuart Mathis- tour guitarist

Download Sick Cycle Carousel here

Vote for Lifehouse:

Chart Watch

Hanging By A Moment falls from number 5 to number 8 on the Billboard 100, and drops from the top spot to number 2 on the Adult Top 40. No Name Face falls one to number 32 on the Billboard 200.

HEY LIFEHOUSE FANS! Want to see Lifehouse hit number 1 on the Billboard 100? Keep calling in about Hanging By A Moment, but also start calling in for Sick Cycle Carousel. The video is now out, so bug MTV and get Sick Cycle Carousel on TRL!!

Info About Lifehouse:
* Album in stores NOW.
* Itís called No Name Face
* Second Single "Sick Cycle Carousel"
* Visit for download.

Hey guys, if you like Lifehouse, check out Flickerstick. They're from the Dallas area and were on VH1's Bands On The Run that in fact they won!! They're website is located at and check out their songs on would suggest "Beautiful" and "Smile") or check out the video for "Smile" on Vh1.