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From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:


Five players competing for final Wolves spot

Here are the five players, in alphabetical order, who are competing for the 12th and final spot on the Wolves' roster (listed with background info and a comment on each from assistant coach Sidney Lowe):

Jason Collier Center. 7-0, 260. Georgia Tech  '00.   Case for him: Is the biggest guy in camp, and starter Michael Olowokandi's sore left knee could get Collier extra looks through preseason.
  Not in his favor: As brawny as he looks, he's not known for banging inside.
  Lowe's comment: "Jason is a jump shooter. He might not look it, but he's really more of a perimeter big guy."

Brandon Kurtz
Forward/center. 6-10, 255.
Tulsa '00.
  Case for him: Can play two spots, and has seasoning of playing in three countries and four leagues since college.
  Not in his favor: Slim build, and his rebounding numbers are modest.
  Lowe's comment: "
Brandon is more athletic than he might look. He's got some nice moves down in the post."

Quincy Lewis
Forward/guard. 6-7, 215. Minnesota '99.
  Case for him: Most NBA experience (145 games) of this bunch. Good showing in Wolves' summer league.
  Not in his favor: Former Gopher was first-round pick by
Utah, a team that needs young talent. But Jazz let him go after he averaged 4.0 points in 2001-02.
  Lowe's comment: "
Quincy feels comfortable being in a camp and playing against these guys. He's been with a good club, so he understands how to play."

Keith McLeod
Point guard. 6-2, 188. Bowling Green '02.
  Case for him: Only point guard in camp besides Sam Cassell and Troy Hudson, and many teams keep three.
  Not in his favor:
Bowling Green didn't use many sets, so Saunders' playbook is a challenge.
  Lowe's comment: "He's very good defensively, quick, athletic. Offensively, he can really shoot the ball. He handles it well enough to play that position."

Kirk Penney
Shooting guard. 6-5, 220.
Wisconsin '03.
  Case for him: Four years in college a plus, as was his three-point shooting at summer league.
  Not in his favor: He and Ndudi Ebi are only players in camp without pro experience.
  Lowe's comment: "Kirk's trying to learn now how to get that shot off against guys who are quicker, longer and understand how to play."