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This chat between Kirk Penney and the general public took place on March 18, 2003.

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bigred: people mention the "hill" what exactly does that mean and how often do you have to run it?

Kirk Penney: The hill is one of our preseason workouts that involves mental toughness. Coach raises the bar every week by adding two or three reps up the hill every week. It's a good time for team camaraderie and gets the chemistry started for the year.

Elwaydean: I sent an email as well, but I will submit my question here as well, just in case. Hey Kirk, this is Dean in Madison. Good luck in the "Big Dance." How much time do¤ you spend practicing shooting on an average day? My son says someday¤ he wants to shoot like Penney. I told him he needs to practice every day. ¤Any other advice for a youngster just starting to play hoops.

Kirk Penney: Thanks Dean. In the off-season I shoot at least 300-400 shots a day. Repetition is the greatest tool to become a better shooter.

bigred: what are some of your favorite memories of Ag Hall and the LA department?

Kirk Penney: Spending time in the wee hours of the morning with my favorite LA majors are some of the fondest memories ...

seams: How does it feel to be one of a handful of UW players ever to attend four-straight NCAA tournaments?

Kirk Penney: It's been an honor to be able to play for some wonderful coaches and with some awesome teammates. The tournament is what every team shoots for in the beginning of the season. It's a great reward for all our hard work.

SteinlagerGirl: Kirk - What do you enjoying doing in your free time, when you have it?

Kirk Penney: Spending time with friends, watching movies, listening to music ... pretty much anything a regular college student does.

badgerfan_1: Kirk ... who is the best team Wisconsin has faced during your four years with the Badgers? Thanks for being such a great representative of the UW!

Kirk Penney: Maryland last year was a formidable foe. They were just so hard to match up against and deserved to win the national title.

seams: Was it hard to be so far away from home and friends who would have like to see you play for four years?

Kirk Penney: It was hard to be away from family and friends but I always wanted to come over here and see what the whole American college experience was all about. The adjustment was made very easy thanks to the friends and support I've received here.

seams: What are your basketball plans when you have finished at Wisconsin?

Kirk Penney: Right now I just want to enjoy the final stretch of the season with the guys and not let anything else take away from the hard work we've put in. In other words I'm just keeping my focus on the season at hand. Once the season ends, I'll explore my opportunities.

SteinlagerGirl: I've seen your dad Paul at the games. Did he move to Madison to be close to you? How does that help you?

Kirk Penney: Nice name! Having dad here has been awesome support. He's been here for the last three years enjoying every basketball moment that I've enjoyed. I'm so thankful to have a part of my family here with me to share this with.

Wally: How do you and the other guys on the team like the swing offense?

Kirk Penney: The swing offense is great because it provides opportunities for players to go inside and outside and be more versatile. When the players are aware of all the reads, the offense is extremely tough to guard.

SteinlagerGirl: What will you miss most about your time at UW once you're done with basketball and school?

Kirk Penney: The whole atmosphere that college provides. The great social environments and friends I've made. And of course playing in front of 17,000 of the greatest fans at the Kohl Center.

Benks: Hey Kirk, what did you learn about Weber St. after losing to them last year that will help you in your next game?

Kirk Penney: Weber State is a tough team. They play hard on both ends of the court and execute very well. We look forward to the challenge they present.

SteinlagerGirl: You've lived in Madison for a while now. Is there anything you wish Madison and the US had like back home in New Zealand?

Kirk Penney: Nothing beats New Zealand lamb shanks from Rotorua. Only people from back home would understand.

BadgerFan: Hi Kirk, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. What do you think about the Big Ten tournament vs. playing all the conference rivals twice during the regular season? What positive things can you take away from the unfortunate loss to Ohio State last week?

Kirk Penney: Going into the NCAA tournament with a loss leaves the guys hungry and anxious to get out on the court and compete again.

SCOOTER: What advice do you give to some of the younger players on your team when it comes to dealing with the "fame" associated with being a UW Badger?

Kirk Penney: I think humility is one of the greatest assets an athlete can have in our position. It keeps everything in perspective.

mhcbf: How have you and your team prepared for the tournament?

Kirk Penney: We're preparing for the NCAA tournament with the same routines that we had during the regular season. However, the intensity level has reaches another level as we realize this is the last time we may play together.

Lynn: I read an article that says one of your younger cousins would like to follow in your footsteps. Is that true, and is he as good as you? When can we expect him to be starring for the Badgers?

Kirk Penney: My younger cousin Jared is one of the up and coming players in New Zealand. He's getting a lot of good coaching and support back home and I'm hoping he can accomplish his dream as well by coming to the states.

Kirk Rocks: Hey Kirk, who was your role model growing up?

Kirk Penney: I always looked up to my older brother when I was growing up.

BlossomDS: What has been your best memory of your UW basketball career thus far?

Kirk Penney: I have so many fond memories with every one of the teammates I've been able to play with. However, the Big Ten title we won a couple of weeks ago is fresh in my mind and a moment in time I will cherish.

SteinlagerGirl: Kirk - What drew you to basketball and not other popular sports in New Zealand, like rugby?

Kirk Penney: I always loved to play basketball as a kid, if it was one-on-one or horse in the driveway with my brother and cousin. I enjoyed rugby and cricket as well. Basketball was just something that I couldn't stay away from.

kiwidan: Hi kirk, is the NBA draft 2003 a realistic goal?

Kirk Penney: The whispers in the wind say LeBron or myself ... haha!

Kirk Penney: Thanks to everyone for coming out today and chatting with me. On behalf of the team I'd like to thank everyone for their support this season and during my four years here. Cheers mate!

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