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Penney has a shot at NBA

Kirk Penney will get a serious chance to make a National Basketball Association team after his career ends with the University of Wisconsin basketball team this season.

An NBA personnel man who asked not to be identified believes Penney will get drafted in the second round this spring and could enhance his position with a good showing at the pre-draft camps.

"You take a team that needs some perimeter shooting and wants a tough guy, he could be a great 11th or 12th man," said the personnel executive, who added that NBA teams are always looking for hard workers with good attitudes and Penney fits that mold. "Especially in those last two or three spots on the team."

The NBA personnel exec said Penney's experience with his New Zealand national team will enhance his value, too.

"He has a lot of international experience, too. He has been around," he said. "I haven't heard a lot of teams talking about him, but that doesn't mean anything. They could be hush-hush about him."

The biggest question NBA scouts have about Penney regard his quickness. "Does he have enough to play the two-guard at our level?" said the NBA personnel exec. "Obviously he can shoot it, but he's pretty heavy-legged. That's the biggest concern about him."

Published: 10:11 AM 3/05/03