Kirk Penney
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KP Articles from September 2001 through August 2002

Penney Leads Countrymen into Goodwill Consolation
Anxious wait by the phone for Penney
Penney of great value to undermanned team
Bringing Dishes to the Table
UW basketball notes: Penney happy for all the help
Q&A Penney From Heaven
Penney enjoys paradise
Just happy to be home
UW men's basketball: Ryan: Penney's value still high
Penney finally heats up
Kirk beams 'em up About Penney's awesome performance in the Marquette game
Penney shines in Badgers' win
Penney's play does all the talking
This time, Badgers didn't hit panic button More about Penney's awesome performance in the Marquette game
UW's Penney shoots his way out of trouble
As Penney goes, so goes UW
Penney Garners Back-to-Back Player of the Week Honors
UW's Penney earns repeat Big Ten Honor This is pretty much identical to the above article
Q&A with Kirk Penney this is a Q&A from
Half a Penney has value for UW
UW's Ryan sends message; Penney receives it
Healthy Penney back to old self
UW Men's basketball: Determined Penney a work in progress
Penney Named Second-Team All-District
Badgers find a lucky Penney
Penney was money for Badgers
Penney points UW past Gophers
UW's Penney has come a long way This is an absolutely ADORABLE article!!
A Penney discerned Another article to add to the ADORABLE list
Penney's dad goes along for the ride
Penney on the money in US
Penney Finds a Home Half a World Away; Hard-Nosed Play Embraced at Wisconsin
Penney's standing tall; Kiwi makes good in US
Key Kiwi Leads the Badgers Thanks to Emily for sending me this link!
Penney up for small challenge
Penney from hoops heaven
Tall Blacks in charge as Penney cuts loose
Penney more popular in US
Penney new shooting star
Shooting star Penney is the standout of the series against Hungary Quote: "All the mums in New Zealand probably would wish for Kirk as a son-in-law."
Basketball: Hoop dreams are not a tall story Thanks to Emily again (the finder of great articles I miss)! Great name as well, I might add.
Penney Named to Wooden Award Preseason All-American Team
Penney nonchalant
Not sure what the title is at this moment in time

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