Kirk Penney
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KP Articles from September 2000 through August 2001

Out of Touch: Olympics dominate Penney's focus
Kirk Penney joins some impressive company This is about him and the Olympics.
Penney's game comes a long way
Travels haven't worn out Penney
Bennett, Badgers stand by Penney
Confident Penney lends a (hot) hand
Penney Emerging as UW's Scoring Anchor
Soderberg considers changes in lineup
Timing is Everything: Penney makes key scoring a habit
Wisconsin Insider: Spotlight Player Not very long, but it's nice.
Penney value is on the rise
On the Money This also has some nice Mike Kelley stuff.
Penney shooting key to UW's spirits
Hot Shots Some praise for Penney (and a bit for Roy Boone)
Can Penney fill the Bryant role?
Bo Ryan exudes confidence Bo Ryan says some nice things about Penney
Helmigk Already Impressing Badger Teammates Penney talks a bit about the recruits

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