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A "Soap Float" is a super fun bath toy -- not just for kids!

"Soap Floats" come in the shape of a turtle, an alligator or a frog.

All "Soap Floats" have one thing in common -- they float!

The special ingredient in creating a great "Soap Float" is love and
Ivory Soap. (I do have permission to use their name when
talking about the "Soap Floats".

I started re-creating the pattern for the turtle when my first
grandchild was born. For reference, I used an old worn out turtle
cover that my mother had made for me many years ago. When the
second grandchild was on the way (in the same family), I created
the alligaor pattern, and had so much fun, that I then developed
the frog.

A soap float can be as whimsical as you like, or traditional
colors as in the pictures.

Frog "Soap Float"
Turtle "Soap Float"