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Hello and welcome to Joe's     Hello and welcome to Joe's   Hello and welcome to Joe's


My name is Joe and I would just like to show you all a little of what that I have fun doing on the computer . This is just for fun and I enjoy all of the great people that I have met and get to talk to from all over the world . FIRST  is a program called COMIC CHAT  it is a program where people can chat in a comic strip environment or you can talk in text if you want although I don't know why anyone would want to. anyway here is a sample of what it looks like     the characters and people are really cool !!!! There is a web page that really has all the resources to get started using comic chat and if you like the program you can even make your own characters to use in comic chat click this button for more info   Myself I have made a few characters and posted a few for others to use here is a link to my characters page