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Why Use a Translator?

If translation were simply a matter of plugging in a word for another word, like a code, then the automated translator machines would be all anyone ever needed. However, you have probably noticed that languages vary in grammatical structure and idioms that make word for word substitution impractical, and sometimes even dangerous. We've all heard humorous stories of how advertisers have tried to translate into other languages with silly results, but when you deal with sensitive information and business deals, you want to make sure that the ideas behind the words are communicated to your audience. That's where translators (people) come in. Like an editor that catches spelling errors that SpellCheck won't (where the word is spelled correctly, but in the wrong context), a translator can move the ideas behind your words into language that your listener (or reader) can identify with: ambiguity, multiple meanings, context, things with which a machine cannot possibly cope. We have set up a pricing schedule that will recompense our translator without gouging your pocketbook. (See our Pricing page for more details!) If we can't help you, we should be able to refer you to someone who can.

2001 Steve Floyd

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