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Personal Growth Series

Self-Hypnosis - the Magic Carpet
Deep Relaxation
Stuttering - Confidence in Speaking
Study, Memory and Exam Anxiety
Confidence - Stress in Reaching Goals
Public Speaking
Developing Intuition, Creativity & Prosperity
Problem Release
Facial Flushing and Anxiety with Public Speaking
Release Depression
Stop Procrastinating
Confidence In Approaching Women (2 session set)
Acing Your Job Interview
Controlling Road Rage
You Are An Amazing Lover
Exuding Sexuality
Healing Grief
Developing Your Sense Of Humor
Creating Financial Abundance
Increase Your Typing Speed

Health Series

Pregnancy and Childbirth
Migraine Headaches
Reduce Stress
Hair Loss
Dental Anxiety
Dental Anxiety with Anesthetic Glove
Physical Healing using the Anesthetic Glove
Alcohol Addiction
Breast Development
Overcoming Bulimia
Male Sexual Dysfunction
Stop Nail Biting
Bruxism (Clenching or Grinding Theeth
Preparation for Surgery & Post Surgical Rapid Healing
Releasing Fatigue
Positive Suggestions To Remain Smoke Free
Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight
Stop Smoking Now
Looking Into The Future - Smoking
You Are A Non-Smoker
Releasing The Smoking Habit
Confidence To Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking - Your Health & Happiness
Stop Smoking Collection(eight session set)
Anesthetic Glove For Childbirth
A Wonderful Birthing Experience
Keeping Positive About Childbirth
Posthypnotic Suggestions For Labor & Delivery
Htpnotic Training For Childbirth
Staying Calm and Relaxed During Labor & Delivery
Entering a Hypnotic State for Labor & Delivery
The Childbirth Collection(eight session set)
Stopping the Growth of Unwanted Hair
Increasing Your Sex Drive - Female
Anorexia - Healing body, mind and spirit.
Living With MS.
Giving Yourself Injections (for medical reasons).
Stop Depression
Dermantilomania (Obsessive Skin Picking)
Congestive Heart Failure
High Blood Pressure
Restless Leg Syndrome
Ending Chronic Constipation
Parkinson's Disease - Visual and Direct
Parkinson's Disease - Release Work

Weight Loss Series

Weight Loss
Enjoying the Foods That Are Good For You
Weight Loss - Day or Night
Motivation to Exercise
Looking Into The Future - Visualizing the Thinner You
Releasing Past Programming
Controlling Cravings
Emotional Eating
Weight Loss - A Guided Imagery
Direct Suggestions for Weight Loss
The Weight Loss Collection (eight session set)

Fears and Phobias

Fear of Flying
Fear of Birds
Fear of Spiders (arachnophobia)
Fear of Driving


Improve your Golf Game
Mental Rehearsal/Golf
Softball - Batting

Body, Mind & Spirit

Earth Meditation
Spiritual Reunion
Accessing the Akashic Records
Through the Rainbow/Mind Expansion
Self Communication
Heightening the Senses
The Astral Projection Experience (2 session set)
Positive Affirmation - Balance
Positive Affirmation - Determination
Positive Affirmation - Wisdom
Positive Affirmation - Qualities
Positive Affirmation - Caring
Positive Affirmation - Harmony
Positive Affirmation - Health
Positive Affirmation - Prosperity
Positive Affirmation Series (eight session set)
Creative Visualization - True Love
Creative Visualization - Wealth & Abundnace
Creative Visualization - True Happiness
Creative Visualization - Meaningful Friendships
Creative Visualization - Excellent Health
Creative Visualization - Super Confidence
Creative Visualization - Positive Energy
Creative Visualization - The Life That You Desire
Creative Visualization Series Series (eight session set)
I Am



Hypnosis For Children

Confidence Building For School-age Children
Positive Dreams For Children

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