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 Chjanasit Thongsukh
  Home     Personal Data ( ประวัติส่วนตัว )
Employer Records ( ประวัติการทำงาน) : 1996 - Present 1990 - 1996 1989 - 1990
1987 - 1988 1978 - 1987 1970 - 1978


                               NAME                                                               : CHJANASIT THONGSUKH
                             (previous name)                                                    : ( Bunnivat Thongsukh )
                             YEAR OF BIRTH                                                  : 1947
                               NATIONALITY                                                    : THAI

                              EDUCATION                                                       : B. Eng. Chulalongkorn University,
                                                                                                          Bangkok, Thailand 1970
                                                                                                        : M. Sc. (Hydrology) University of Nevada,
                                                                                                          Reno, Nevada, USA. 1973
                            OTHER TRAINING                                                : 
                           LANGUAGE AND DEGREE                                    : English, Good
                           OF PROFICIENCY                                                 : Thai, Mother Tongue
                           MEMBERSHIP OF                                                 : Registered Civil Engineer, Thailand,
                           PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES                                   Sor Yor 1635 ( สย. 1635 ) 


       1996 - PRESENT
           EMPLOYER: ( Self employed )
   	 Webmaster and programmer under the name of Chjanasit Megasoft.    Whereby,the 
    	 the web site you are visiting now is one of the works he is taking care of. Whilst, the 
     	 the computer program, two commercial packages have been completed:
          	1) Inter-act PW, -an engineering program for analysis  and design of pipe networks --. 
            	2) T-Horo, -a program for entertainment using Tarot card reading concept for  
                        prediction of one's past, present and future --.        
                 1990 - 1996
              EMPLOYER:   Asian  Engineering Consultants Corp., Ltd. ( Free lance employment basis )

                       Senior Water Resources/Irrigation Engineer. Responsible for feasibility study and detailed  
                       design of hydrological, water  resources, drainage and irrigation works. Works also include 
                       report and tender document preparations.

                      - Detailed Design of Nam Songkhram Project
                        Detailed design of hydraulic facilities/components as recommended  by the feasibility  
                        study of Nam Songkhram Project.
                      - Feasibility Study of Nam Songkhram Project
                        Irrigation Engineer, responsible for the study on irrigation development of the Nam 
                        Songkram covering an area of about 400,000 rai in 4 northeastern provinces of Thailand. 
                        the Basin development scheme is to conserve water in Nam Songkram River during high 
                        flow for irrigation uses with added flood protection benefit. Whilst, the irrigation scheme  
                        is by pumping irrigation. The client is National Energy Administration  (NEA), Thailand. 

            EMPLOYER: Aggie Consult Co., Ltd. (Free lance employment  basis)  

                   - Maintenance of Irrigation Project and Operation II (MIP & II ) (First Period)
                     Operation Engineer, responsible for the selection of irrigation projects in 5 RID Irrigation Offices
                     all over Thailand for participated as pilot projects in the use of computer aided program for 
                     irrigation planning and operation under MIP & O II. The tasks involve setting criteria for the 
                     selection and compilation of existing irrigation operation procedure and supporting facilities at 			   		
                     each project for adjusting and applying the MIP & O II operation concept. Whilst, field operation
                     will be done in the second period. The client was Royal Irrigation Department (RID)
                  - Detailed Design of Flood Protection of the Eastern Bank of the Chao Phya River Project 
                    Hydraulic Engineer, responsible for hydraulic design of pumping stations and vertical  gates.
                    The client was The Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology of Thailand and the Department
                    of Public Works.
          EMPLOYER: South-east Asia Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.  (Free lance employment basis )     
                   - Detailed Design of Brackish water Aqua-culture Development Centers Project        
                   - Detailed Design of Freshwater Fish Seed Development Centers Project        
                     Hydraulic/Water Supply Engineer, responsible for the detailed design of water supply and       
                     drainage facilities for the centers. Water supplies included fresh water and sea water for      
                     aqua-culture uses and potable water for domestic uses. The client was Department of	                   
                     Fisheries (DOF) .         
          EMPLOYER: South-east Asia Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. ( Permanent employment basis)        
                 Position held during 1978 - 1987 ranged from Water Resources/Irrigation Engineer to Director                  
                 of Water Resources, with duties responsible for study and design of water resources and            
                 irrigation projects. Works also include the directing, managing staff and preparation of            
                 proposals on water resources/irrigation projects.               
       PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN:                   
               - The Implementation of Map Ta Phut Industrial Complex and Urban Area Project		             
                 Water Supply Engineer, responsible for the evaluation of bids submitted by Contractors on             
                 the implementation of water supply components for industrial and treated water of the project                 
                 for IEAT (Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand)               
               - Post Evaluation of Srinakarind Dam Project                    
                 Water Resources and Hydrologist, responsible for the evaluation of the benefits on flood control              
                 aspect of the dam for EGAT (Electric Generating Authority of Thailand)                
               - Detailed Design of Mountain Access Road                    
                 Drainage Engineer, responsible for the detailed design of drainage structures consisting of                
                 longitudinal drainage and cross-drainage structures for the project in northern provinces of                
                 Thailand for DPW (Department of Public Welfare)               
                - Detailed Design of the Map Ta Phut Industrial Complex and Urban Area Project        
                  Water Supply Engineer, responsible for the detailed design for IEAT of water treatment plant
                  for domestic uses as well as its supply system consisting of mains and distribution pipelines
                  The design also included main pipelines for supply of raw water for industrial uses.

                 - Feasibility Study for the Establishment of an Integrated Steel Plant Project
                   Water Resources/Water Supply Engineer and Hydrologist, responsible for the study to develop
                   water supply facilities for an integrated steel plant to be set up in southern part of Thailand at
                   various alternative sites for the Ministry of Industry.

                 - Nam Mun Irrigation Project
                   Irrigation Engineer, responsible for selection, formulation degree of developments and making
                   on-farm detailed design for RID (Royal Irrigation Department) in two sample areas of dissimilar
                   topographic characteristics as typical of the project area. The two sample developments were 
                   to be basis for estimating the project's overall on-farm development cost.

                 - On-farm Design for Phitsanulok Irrigation Project
                    Project Irrigation Engineer for Detailed Design, responsible for on-farm detailed design for 
                    RID, of a part, 100,000 rai of the whole project area. The design incorporated various degree 
                    of developments ranging from developments inclusive of land relocation and land leveling to 	
                    minimum developments in areas subjected to inundation by rainwater resulting from  
                    construction of dike for flood protection.

         EMPLOYER:  The Office of Accelerated Rural Development (ARD) Royal Thai Government	

                 Position held during 1970 - 1978 at ARD ranged from Junior Design Engineer to ARD   	
                 Changwat Engineer with duties responsible for planning, detailed design, construction   	
                 supervision and management of ARD projects consisting of small surface water resources,   
                 ground water resources and rural road developments, as well as on-the-job training of junior  
                 engineers and technicians on the design of water resources development projects. The duties  
                 also included the overall responsibilities of engineering works in one of the ARD Changwats 

                  Projects undertaken during the 9 years working with ARD involved projects under the  
                  responsibilities of various divisions of ARD which included as follows;

               - Projects under the Surface Water Resources Development Division
                 The projects were of small dam and reservoir, and farm pond development types with  .
                  participating planning 50 projects, training and detailed design 8 projects.
                - Projects under the Thai-Australian Rural Development Center, Changwat Prachuab Khirikhan
                  of the Division of Field Operation
                  The projects were of rural road, land clearing for farming and farm pond development types 
                  types with participating  in the projects as the center's project engineer to oversee and  
	        supervise for their successful implementation.

                 - Projects under the ARD well Drilling Center, Changwat Khonkaen of the Division of Field
                   The projects were of ground water resources development consisting of deep well drilling  
                   by rotary and  percussion type machines with participating in the projects as the center's   
                   Chief of Technical Section to  give related advice on their implementation ranging from  
	         planning to construction and etc..

                  - Projects under the responsibilities of ARD Changwat Kalasin Office
                    The projects were of rural road and surface water development types. Rural roads were   
                    of laterite surface paving and surface water resources developments  of small dams and  
                    reservoirs with participating as  projects engineer to oversee, supervise and make plans 
                    for their implementations by the office's  force account.