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Chris's Goldeneye Page

See the goldeneye guns in real life!!!
Fake Pics
The Difference From the Game and the Movie
007 Codes & Glitches
The Gadgets
Goldeneye FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
More Glitches
The Charactors

Chris's Goldeneye Page. Codes,tips,glitches,FAQs,Fake Pics,weapons in real life,gadgets,and the difference from the game and the movie!!! Have fun!

Now I've got perfect page and I'm now working on rumors. I am an advanded HTML user now. Well I finally found out how to add a more than one image to a site.

7/2/01:Okay I havn't been updating this page in a long time becuase of some stupid password trouble that I couldn't fix. I am working on a comedy section of the website but it is pretty hard. I will post more fake pics that I have found across the internet and I have a huge code page but in the meantime, I gotta work! P.S Please sign my guestbook.

7/18/01:I am back and not complete with the comedy section. Although, I do write many Saturday Night Live scripts and I have just recently finished The Simpsons script with the epesode named Saintan's Little Helper. If anyone knows how to get a block code to stop people from stealing your images please e-mail me. I have seen unusual behavior in goldeneye weired moves like a scientist pulls out a grenade and then walks backwards and drops it like he is afraid.

8/7/01: Sorry for the mis-updates but I had to get a lot of stuff done. I was bored stiff and thought I should get to do someting so I came on here. I may make a James Bond script, but I don't know. I am busy with a lot of scripts as it is (Army Men Sarges Heroes, SNL). Making this page is hard, but I am going to make some updates.

11/12/01: I know I have to get started but, I couldn't do it without the game. My cousin had it for about 2 months. I finally got it back, and hope to keep doing this I'm going to do make an update on the fake pics section. I will also make another poll. That's all for now. P.S. DAMN BIN LADEN

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