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The Glennon Cousins

Hello everyone!

Latest update: a whole mess of California Glennons at the annual Christmas party!

front:  Mary McLoughlin, Marie Galvin, Pat McCormick; 2nd row:  Brendan and Eamon McLoughlin, Kathy and Maudie McCormick, David Bartley; 3rd row:  Sinead McLoughlin, Denise Galvin, Jack and Barbara Glennon; 4th row:  Trish McCormick, Roisin McLoughlin, Nathaniel and Mary Bartley; 5th row:  Trish and Bill Quinn; 6th row:  Rita Galvin, Dan McCormick, Aaron Bartley; back:  Dan McCormick and Dennis Galvin

This is a page for Glennon cousins in Ireland, England, and the US (and wherever else we may end up) to post pictures and anything else that we want to share.

Anyone who wants to can add to this site, just e-mail me, and I'll give you the password and some easy instructions for uploading. I know I don't have pictures of everyone yet, but I'm working on it!

To get us started, here's the Glennon family tree (an old version, I'm missing a few of the youngest ones, so please send me any additions/corrections).

And a picture of our grandparents:

James and Bridget Glennon

You can click on this picture to get to some other old pictures of our grandparents, and Uncle Dick.

Click on the pictures or names to get to the family pages:

MaryBridieKathleenNualaRitaPat TommyJimmyJackRichieMichaelFrank
Mary Bridie Tommy Jimmy Kathleen Jack Nuala Richie Michael Frank Rita Pat