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Welcome to Shooter's Page

December 25, 1989 - June 7, 2001
This is my buddy, Shooter. Also known as Bubbba, Poo Boy, Pooter, and Mr. Wiggle Butt, Wiggy Butt for short, because when he wagged his little tail his entire backside would wiggle. Shooter was everyone's pal. Shooter was a happy boy and a smart one too. He knew when he was going to get a bath and clean his ears, which he didn’t care for. He knew when Grandma would come home from work before anyone else did. He knew when you spelled c-a-t that it meant cat. He also had several words in his vocabulary that we could say without him going 'nuts'. Some words were turkey and bye-bye and ears. It seemed that over the years he became smarter. He knew when he could go bye-bye in the car and when he couldn’t. His favorite spots where behind the couch, in the beaner, and wherever someone else was at that particular time. He was a ‘people’ dog. Shooter, it was a privilege to have you in our lives. Although you’re no longer with us and now with your sister, you’ll never be forgotten. You too will be in our hearts forever. There will never be another dog like you. We miss you!

Here he is in one of his comfortable spots. He loved blankets too.

Wanting to know WHY he has to get his ears cleaned?!?

Just hangin' out

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