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On December 30, 2000, a cold winter's night, this little creature came meowing into my life. It was such a cold night, we thought if we didn't take her home, she probably would have freezed to death. I now think that Tequila sent Gizmo to me.

First Picture
This was taken the first morning in my new home

Gizmo reminds me a lot of Tequila. She has Tequila's personality. She'll sit on your lap until she's hot, then walk to the other end of the couch to get cool, and then come back to your lap when she gets cold again. Sound familiar, Gram?!? Gizmo even has that hip wiggle when she walks like Tequila.
Gizmo likes to sleep in the bedroom at night with us even though 'Daddy' doesn't want her in there. She sleeps either at the foot of the bed in the corner of the waterbed, on the window cell, or lately, her favorite spot is in the closet. Who needs an alarm clock with her around? She seems to always wake me up a few minutes before it goes off. The funny thing is that she doesn't do it when I have the day off. How does she know? Does she count on her paws? That boggles my mind.

Gizmo, I hope I have you around for a long time. You've made losing Tequila a little bit easier for me to cope with. Thank you, Gizmo!

The following photos were taken on July 4,2001
Gizmo wishes everyone a Happy 4th of July!

I can sing the cat chow song too!
Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow

Busted! Playing with some yarn on the waterbed. Daddy say "Cat with claws should not be on waterbed". I think Daddy thinks he's Confucius. :c)

Gizmo went in to be declawed on October 1st,2001. I felt so bad for her but once she came home, she had everything under the sun and lots of TLC! Brandi was even extra nice to Gizmo while she recovered. Animals must just know when another animal or person for that matter doesn't feel well, you think?!?
These photos were taken the morning of her surgery.

You're taking me where and gonna do WHAT to me?!?

These photos were taken when Gizzy was recuperating at Grandma's house.

Comfortable as a bug in a rug!

"Do you think my Mommy feels sorry for me?"

After her surgery, Gizmo has learned to walk on a leash! (she goes where she wants and I follow)! No pictures yet of this event, because I can't walk her and take the picture - he he he. Maybe I'll get Daddy to walk her one of these days.

This is Gizmo's Christmas picture with Santa. It was taken at the Humane Society just down the road from us. She was pretty good for Santa and she told him what she wanted for Christmas. Now, will Santa pull through? Hmmm :c)

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