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Hi, I'm The Fox. This here is my website of funny words.

The story is simple, I was bored at work one day & started compiling a list of words I thought were amusing to send to my colleagues & make them smile.

They soon joined in the game & began contributing. As the list grew & grew, we broke the 200 mark and decided to put it all on the web for everyone's enjoyment.

We'll try to keep the site regularly updated, and post some new words at least once a month. In the meantime - Enjoy!

If you have any contributions, please send them in! You can reach me at

This site includes words that some people might find offensive.
The words in this site have not been chosen for their meanings, they just sound funny, or look funny in print.
They may have a particular assonance, spelling or connotation that is considered amusing. No offence is intended - Cheers!