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13SR is dedicated to helping local musicians and bands get heard by our worldwide audience. We bring a mix of metal and rock that crosses all genres, focusing on the darker, heavier side of metal music that never gets any airplay. You'll find bands like Slipknot, Pantera, Megadeth, Five Finger Death Punch, Mudvayne, Death, Suffocation, Machine Head, Metallica, Slayer and many of the more popular bigtime bands. That said...

We focus more on getting exposure to bands that are unsigned or currently with small or strictly metal label representation. We do our best to find bands from all across the world and get them into rotation, so true fans of metal can discover new music they may not otherwise be exposed to. With 13SR, you'll get in on the ground floor with local bands, and watch them grow and progress, often times getting signed to different record labels and going on national and international tours. We spin hundreds of local and national bands crossing all genres of the many categories of "metal". That's the best part of 13SR!

We support many bands from many countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Germany, Serbia, Russia, Canada, the USA, South Africa, Malta, Italy, India, Greece, Denmark, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Isreal, Ireland, Mexico and more on an ever-growing lineup of awesome. Check out the full list with locations HERE!

If you have a band we should know about, please contact us here!

13SR was born on 4-20-2011 by Owner and Founder J "Migz" Miggler

5FDP and Migz

Migz with Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch

"I have a huge amount of respect for the hard work, time, and passion that musicians put into their art."

In this digital age, it's both harder and easier than ever to get your music heard. Harder because CD's aren't the preferred form of listening anymore, and moving physical units is harder than ever; labels first and foremost want to make money. It's easier in a sense as well, because with so many digital outlets and social media sites, a web-savvy band can build a large online audience through interaction with the fanbase for free, and hopefully turn that into a profit making venture while doing something they love to do:

Make Music.

That option wasn't around twenty years ago. You needed label backing for distribution and exposure.

I started this radio station with a couple ideas in mind. First, I pretty much just wanted to spin some f**king metal and practice being a DJ as I was starting my legit career in broadcasting. There are no FM stations on the dial that I have ever heard, that rock like 13SR. SiriusXM Liquid Metal comes close. But we're free! I started the website. I began contacting bands on different social media websites to see if they'd be interested in sending some music. And the submissions started coming in. From Finland. From South Africa. From Australia. From New York. And they kept on coming.

I kept on developing the station, learning web design and marketing and social media and trying to keep building an audience and give the listeners something that rocked: Heavy Metal of all types from around the world in an easy to listen format.

13SR will keep rollin' along doing what we do: Bringing the Metal to the Masses - Worldwide - to the most loyal, most awesome group of fans on of Heavy Metal Music \m/ We'll keep adding more tunes to the always growing database. We'll keep unleashing new metal bands that send us their tunes. And we'll keep on growing and getting better at what we do.


Hey, I was paralyzed in a car accident back in 1998, breaking my back and bruising my spinal cord.

I was in a truck that hit a tree at 80 mph square in my back.....and I lived to roll.

Whatever challenge is placed in front of me, I'll find a solution. I face down obstacles every day, being a wheelchair-roller and a self-motivator. Whether it's setting up week after week in the rain at field side for football games to do my play-by-play because the Press Box is always at the top of the bleachers; or finding a way to get an XLR to run through an RCA and into a 1/4" jack in order to get a broadcast live on schedule, I'll find a way to handle it in a calm and professional manner.

I don't get rattled, I'm humble enough to know I have a lifetime of learning ahead from those who know better than I, and confident enough in my own abilities that no matter what needs doing - I can find a way to get it done. I'm a team leader when called upon, but not above grinding it out in order to pay my dues and learn the ropes in a given situation.

I love broadcasting sports on the radio for WCMP and WXCX, and I love supporting a planet full of talented rock musicians with the business I built from scratch at If my services or skills could benefit you in either of these capacities, please by all means contact me. I enjoy the opportunities networking across many platforms provides.


Live it up. Rock Out. Stay Brutal \m/

I'm the owner and founder, web developer, talent scout, advertiser, promoter, song uploader, reviewer, jock, sound engineer, time-waster and head-banger and I do it because I love the music and to help support the bands.

If you would like to partner up with 13SR in a mutually beneficial way for your promotions team, your band, your record label, your facebook community, or your business contact me here. I am always looking for sponsorships and partnerships and I do my best to create and maintain contacts with others in the industry.


Migz is Currently employed as Play By Play Sports Announcer and Co-Host of the Big Saturday Football Show:

Red Rock On Air - Red Rock Radio Sports Network

WCMP 100.9FM (Pine City, MN) - WCMP 1350 AM (Pine City, MN) - WXCX SAM 105.7FM (Siren, WI)

Qualifications and other relevant links can be found below:

Connect with Migz via LinkedIn - Meridix Broadcaster Directory - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube

Class of 2011 Brown College of Radio Broadcasting, Mendota Heights MN:

Associate of Applied Science, Radio Broadcasting

J.Migz: 13SR Sampler Demo (Rock Format) (mp3)

Downloadable Resume': (HTML)

           Downloadable Resume': (MS Word file)

If you'd like to hire me for some kind of great job with wonderful pay and benefits for me and my young family, either as a jock, promoter, label executive, sports broadcaster, or other awesomeness, feel free to contact me. I love everything about the broadcast industry, from all sides of the coin. Except sales. I'm a terrible salesperson!


As a final note, I would sincerely like to thank everyone who tunes in and supports 13SRadio: Thirteen Steps. I work hard to promote our featured artists as much as I can. As 13SR continues to grow and expand I plan to bring bigger and better content each and every day as we unleash the best new metal from around the world on the 13SR Airwaves.

You all ROCK!

-J. "Migz" Miggler

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
Abraham Lincoln

Contact Migz


SoundCloud and 13SR Migz - Much More Than "Metal"

Follow 13SR Migz on Soundcloud!

The 13SR Soundcloud page features more than just "Live In The Pit" episodes, it also gives you an inside look into the eclectic music life of Migz, as he builds playlists from his personal song files that have found their way into various studio computers over the years. Much more than metal, these tracks range everywhere from Migz' days playing guitars for rappers in Las Vegas, funny freestyles from an (in)famous cast of irregulars that were regulars at his weekly No-Limit Poker Tournaments and would hop on the mic, his living room jam sessions with "Slot It Up", and hammered nights in the frozen north of Minnesota.

There are also tracks from Migz' family that had some talented musicians who knew what it meant to be on the working-musician grind. His uncles struggled with demons while producing some pretty amazing music dating back to the 1960's to their passing in the 2000's. There are some intricate freestyle bluesy piano tracks, original space-rock tunes, various well-produced home studio tracks and one unbelieveable playlist of Beatles covers that were rebuilt, instrument by instrument, by agreat guy who died too young.

Johnny and Rick McDonald had Migz running soundchecks and lights for local bands at the age of 13 inside "The Blue Guitar", a local underground music venue in the bowels of Water Music in the good old days of downtown Stillwater, MN. They would't hesitate to tell him to "Go sit down if you can't keep the beat" when he would sit in studio with them. They were his studio mentors, his musical idols, his inspiration to include music in his life as more than a hobby, and most of all they were his friends.

It's a musical journey through Migz' life, with a strange and creative group of family and friends.

Step Into The Musical Madness of Migz

(And of course.."13SR Live: In The Pit With Migz" )

Featuring tracks from the 13SR Submissions wrapped around new releases from the major label acts, Migz (sometimes)daily live radio show on 13SRadio.Com is a great place to find new tracks from underground metal bands all across the world, and stay on top of the new releases that drop from the national acts that you've grown accustomed to headbanging with.




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\m/Stay Brutal\m/

-13SR Migz

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