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Gee, what year was that? If my memory serves me correctly it was the summer of 1969! But, I could be wrong! I had finally found myself in a composition department, at a "real" printing company! We worked the graveyard shift, published the suburban section of a major newspaper...and we were all learning as much as we could, as quickly as we could! Seems to me, what we actually learned was to enjoy earning what might have appeared as an imcome! No one could live on the wages, but we didn't care...we were in the "comp" department! And we had more fun than should be allowed in the workplace!

This was the environment where I came to know Judy that long blistery summer! She was...and still is to this of the most pleasant and easy people to know, that I have ever come across! This willowy blonde and I hit it off immediately...and we have remained friends all of these years! We both have been from coast to coast on our advertures through life...and even lost touch for awhile. Yet, there is never that "loss of time syndrome"! We just pick up as if there had simply been a "lull in the conversation"...and nothing more!

We both married, and raised families! Judy, and her husband Bob, had their first offical date at my wedding! Yes...their relationship was much healthier than that of my soon to be spouse and I! I always thought that...and all these years later, it is so evident! Liking each other is the key"! They work together always...I wonder if they "realize" that? Surely, they must...the rest of us do!

They have been through some of the most difficult situations that two people could have to face together...and they do so with determination, and what can only be described as "skill"! They may not agree with that, but it is my appraisal after watching as an "ally"! Of all the couples that I have ever known, I am deeply happy that they are still together! I feel great peace in their presence! What a comfort!...and they are a joy to spend time with!

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