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Shortly before my 16th birthday, my parents announced that soon I would be attending another school....we were moving...again! Always adjustments! Always starting over! It seemed to be a constant ritual in my young life! It was adventurous, but unsettling at times!

I was certain this was just another move....and surely not the last! I was correct! However, what I could not know, was that I would encounter a friendship that would span some thirty-five years now! I am an "adoptee" in Peggy's family....(so to speak)! I am very proud of that!!! Most of all, I am appreciative of the love and kindness that her entire family has given freely to me for all of these years. They are very special in my life...each of them! Everyone deserves friends like them....however, most people are not fortunate enough to find them!

Friendship with Peggy has been a truly remarkable relationship! She is one of the finest people that I could ever hope, or wish, to know! She is loyal, loving, funny, caring, forgiving, understanding, open-minded, supportive, and strong....yet also vulnerable! She is wise and talented....very smart, and loves to laugh! She hastens to make others laugh...even when life's little trials are not so funny! She is steadfast and compassionate...warm, attentive, and very generous! She can conquer the most monumentous of foes, with tenacity, grace, and determination, second to none! She can set a banquet feast, and appear to do it with very little effort! Family, and friends are paramount in her life! She gives more than she takes...always, and the world is a better place because she occupies it!!!

Peggy is my friend, confidant, critic, and cheerleader! But never, ever my rival! She is simply, the best! You are a special lady, my dear friend...and I want you to know how much I appreciate your friendship!!!

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