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Update Your Profile, (multiple choice, essay, etc.) Add a Photo to Your Profile Record a Voice Greeting Now JUSTLOOKIN222 (BAJ) Send Letter Make Friend Diary Note Block Mail Help Stickers: Birthday: 11 February (horoscope/compatibility). Postal: 37923 (Knoxville, TN) First Visit: 02-16-03. Last Visit: 4 minutes ago (Tuesday, 6:33am). Number of Visits: 282. Letters sent: 231, received: 676, replied: 585 (86%). JUSTLOOKIN matches you 100% (more information) Only the answers are shown below. If you desire, you can get both the questions and answers. Female Heterosexual (straight) 51 - 55 121 lbs - 130 lbs ( 56 Kg - 59 Kg) 5'5" - 5'6" (164 cm - 168 cm) "Height-weight" proportionate Aquarius Above average looks No, I do not have any body art Brown hair Long straight hair Big Brown eyes Living in style Single I have children who are grown I'm White/Caucasian TN: Knoxville Only my accountant and the IRS know for sure Artistic/Musical/Writer I would like to meet someone close to my age 4 year degree Religion is not a part of my life Money is the means, not the end Impeach them all! I would never consider a homosexual experience I rarely drink I'm kicking the habit It doesn't matter I am very sarcastic I only plan around the big things Religion is not a part of my life Knowledge I'm just about where I want to be With the right person, anything is possible A restaurant of distinction I manage to go out about twice a month A phone call from a friend I'd travel anywhere to meet my match Just looking/curious [ - non-matching question, - matches you, - doesn't match you ] Essay Answers: Describe the type of person you might be interested in meeting (either romantically or platonically). What traits do you find attractive? Should the improbable happen, and the right person were to contact me in the immediate future, the following attributes would delight me immensely! With the click of a button his profile would reveal a clean shaven man with dark hair, dark eyes, a rugged complexion, and standing approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall (+/--). Age: uncertain! In person, he would possess a terrific sense of humor and warm, pleasant personality. He would be well groomed, cheerful and funloving, well educated and well informed. He would be active and have a wide range of activities to stimulate his mind, body and soul. He would be trustworthy and honest at all kindness toward children, animals...and especially me! He would be decisive yet flexible; spontaneous yet sensable, truthful and non-deceptive in what he says. He is tons of fun to be around. He would be respectful of others; he knows when to compromise, and when to stand his ground. He would never promise something he couldn't deliver. He is realistic! He believes in fidelity! He is modest even though he excels at just about anything he attempts. He would have a great many friends and acquaintances, and his family members would adore him. He's honorable and respected both personally, and professionally! He would appreciate my strong will! He would value and trust my opinions knowing they come from experience and logical thinking! Because of that, he would seek my advice and confide in me regularly. He would never feel superior! He would have self-esteem without arrogance, be warm and tender and protective of me...without suffocating my spirit! He would be generous with his time and emotions, would encourage my interests, talents and dreams...and would be willing and able to accept love. He would be willing and able to return it! He would also know the meaning of unconditional love, and display that knowledge! He would recognize and appreciate the value of a good woman who gives as much as she receives, and more...gladly! Somewhere out there is a very special man who is the other half of my being! My goal is to find him. What personal habits of others really irritate you? Lies, deceit, bigotry, and manipulators are high on the list. Also being aggressive or obsessive, close-minded, humorless, and taking yourself too seriously. Game players are pretty annoying too!. Describe your personality and physique. (Here is a good place to make up for not having a photo on-line or telling things photos can't tell). This really doesn't matter...the right person will know me when he finds me! The basic details are listed in the questionnaire section above. That is enough of a general description. I should interject that a two dimen- sional likeness hardly covers the full scope of who I am, and I have no intention of posting a photo here for general review. For the curious, don't bother to ask...I will not comply! I am not on exhibition for those who believe that is the expected standard. Nor, do I appreciate being treated as such, by those who feel they "are owed a look". The guidelines for membership are clearly stated, and photographs are not required... only encouraged! If I offer to forward one, that is another thing entirely. I am an extremely complex person, with deep feelings, a high level of self-respect, passions, intelligence, common sense, and lightning fast instincts. I have a keen sense of humor...and a sense of the rediculous! Laughter is essential to me staying happy and positive. Between my features, stature, and personality I have been described as "adorable", or "cute", (ugh) on more than one occasion. Not classically beautiful (thankfully), however I am extremely comfortable in my own skin. I am more animated than reserved most of the time. I am well liked, and respected by those who bother to take the time to know the "sum of the parts". My closest friends have been in my life for 20 to 30 years, and we keep in touch regularly regardless of the fact that we are scattered all over the country. I have been loved deeply, and have returned that love in my lifetime. I prefer quality over quantity always. If you are looking for a "hot date" to impress yourself, or your friends...I am not that person! Please refrain from sending unwanted comments. I am aware that some, or most, of you won't like what I have said. It isn't intended to create any conflict, or to insult I have been insulted numerous times here! Since I have no idea who is reading this...if you take what I have said personally, there is more than likely some other reason why! Which virtues give you most of your self confidence? If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I don't believe that virtues give you self confidence. I believe that developing coping skills to overcome adversity gives you self confidence. Coping skills are learned...virtues are not! Otherwise, humans would be more virtuous, and they are not. Changes: I would change nothing! This isn't refering to the effects of gravity here, right? :) Do you belong to any organizations, clubs, teams, or special interest groups? Yes, I do. Charitable, business and social. Favorite pastime? Sport? Hobby? Diversion? Just what goes on Sundays at your place? I enjoy Professional and Collegiate sports of all kinds, music, theatre and movies, reading, genealogy, horseback riding, golf, gardening, etc. I love to dance! I am also the "significant-human" to a very spectacular Canine. I am priviledged to have her in my life. She is loved, cared for, and pampered. In return she keeps a very close eye on my well being too. She is a South Carolina girl... and very sweet! How would you characterize your political leanings? (i.e. Democrat, Republican, Reform, Libertarian, Independent, radically left/right, don't care). I already answered this on the questionnaire section. What language(s) do you speak, read or write? Kind of looks like English, doesn't it? If you could 'Do Lunch' with anyone, who would it be? Abraham, Martin and John. If you were to meet someone for the first time, what would be the "perfect" setting? How about Dublin, or Galway maybe?! Or Amsterdam?! What type of music do you enjoy? List performances or concerts you have attended. Some of my favorite performers are: Enya, Nat King Cole, Celine Dion, Johnny Mathis, Ms. Tina Turner (you go girl!), Tony Bennett, Phil Collins, Cher, Julio Iglasias, Perry Como, Peter Cetera, Peggy Lee, Barbra Streisand, Lena Horn, Neil Diamond, Billie Holiday, Simon and Garfunkel -- together and/or separately, The Moody Blues, Gloria Estefan, Otis Redding, James Taylor, Sara Brightman, The Righteous Brothers, and Andre Bocelli. I have seen a lot of concerts...but, my all-time favorite performances were Neil Diamond and The Moody Blues!!! List some of your favorite lines from movies, poems, songs or commercials. "Neighbors bring food with death, and flowers with sickness...and little things in between. Boo was our neighbor. He gave us two soap dolls, a broken watch and chain, a pair of good-luck pennies...and our lives" "I don't think he's gonna 'pologize!" "Never smile at a Crocodile." "We don't gotta show you no stinkin' badges." "Winners are dreamers that never quit." "Life is like a box of chocolates" [ know the rest!...] "Sometimes there just aren't enough rocks." "Get these muts away from me... I don't find this stuff amusing anymore." What are your all-time favorite movies and/or actors? Gone With The Wind, of course! The Green Mile, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption, Cool Hand Luke, Sleepless In Seatle, It's A Wonderful Life, The African Queen, Treasure Of The Sierra Madra, (almost all of Bogey's movies) -- A Christmas Story, Thelma and Louise, Long Hot Summer (sultry Tennessee Williams), Glory, To Kill A Mockingbird (my all time favorite movie), Fried Green Tomatoes, The Color Purple, Murphy's Romance, The Reivers, Rear Window and Psycho (love Hitchcock!), Jeremiah Johnson, Steel Magnolias, A River Runs Through It, In Harms Way, One Flew Over The Cuckcoos Nest, Bullitt, Places In The Heart, Legends Of The Fall, Far And Away, Quigley Down Under, Diary of Anne Frank, The River, Chinatown, Paper Moon, The Great Gatsby, Sounder, Driving Miss Daisy, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Evil Roy Slade, Twelve Monkeys,Harold and Maude, The Dirty Dozen, An Officer And A Gentleman, and The Great Santini. I love movies! Actors: Meg Ryan, Susan Sarandon, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Denzel Washington, Sally Field, James Garner, Tom Hanks, Charlie Chaplin, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Robert Duvall, Sean Connery, Bogey!, Steve McQueen, Sissy Specek, Gregory Peck, Jack Nicholson, Robert DiNiro, John Malkovich, Telly Savalas, James Earl Jones, Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Julia Roberts, Lee Marvin, Tom Cruise, Tom Selleck, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Kevin Costner, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Sinese, and spectacular Sophia Loren! Where do/did you attend high school and/or college? What are/were your favorite subjects in school? Kentucky and Illinois. My favorite subjects were anything that I passed. I spent a lot of time in detention in high school...some of the faculty were of the opinion that I socialized too much! How odd! Where were you born? What is your ethnic origin or ancestry? List some of the places you have lived or traveled. Born in Louisville, KY,of Irish, German, English, Austrian and Native American ancestry. I have lived in many places... Louisville, Chicago, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Honolulu, Houston, Corpus Christi, a little town in Louisiana, Norfolk, Miami, Denver, San Diego (not necessarily in this order) and now...Knoxville. I don't know if Knoxville is quite ready for me...but I sure am glad to be here in the Blue Ridge Mountains! What type of work do (did) you do? How long have you been (were you) in that line of work? Do (did) you enjoy it? I am a Graphic Artist for the Print trade; I also do web design and love it. Any additional comments? Is there anything that the questionnaire didn't cover? On a lighter note. No additional comments!...Not now anyway!...I have to check my wink count, and edit my friends list. : \ Then...I am off to "do lunch" with my "circle of friends". But...thanks for asking. more! Absolutely NO married, separated, or "involved" men whatsoever!!! NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are married,or otherwise involved, and are "OFF LIMITS" as far as I am concerned...Period!!! That seems to eliminates about 76% of the male membership in all age ranges, as far as I can determine. Back to: Top, Essay