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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck presents a story of two men, George Milton and Lennie Small, who strive hard to live the American dream. In this story, the two work had in a band The first image, on the top right hand of the circle, illustrates the beginning scene in the story. Lennie, the dark green shape, contains a small light green over it signifying the fact that even if Lennie is big and strong, he has a mind of a child. The shape is round because he is always a happy and optimistic person. In the other hand, George is represented as a red sharp shape. This is because he is always impatient and negative about issues and is very wary of his surroundings unlike Lennie. George isn’t always a bad person though. He also has a soft and caring side inside him that he doesn’t always show. Adding a small light blue, yet similar shape on top of the red shape to show that he is not always red and anguish shows this characteristic. The pink swirls in the background show the steady setting that occurs in this scene. The backgrounds, blue and brown, are used to show that the two are close in nature and that nothing extreme is happening. The second image explains the mood when Lennie and George are in the barn in the middle of the story. George and Lennie still have the same shapes as in the first image. The purple flower illustrates Curley’s wife. Flowers are thought to be pretty and attractive, although in this flower, there is a few sharp peddles that shows that Curley’s wife isn’t always carefree. I used purple for her pedals because purple can be a sign of beauty, and yet, a bittersweet attitude. The small dark green shapes represent all the other characters in the barn. I used dark green because of their behavior in trying to be tough. The orange and yellow cut outs show the relations of people to others. The orange shows steady relationships, while the yellow jagged shape shows unsteady relations. Notice that the image that represents Lennie and the image that represents Curley’s wife are both as far apart as each other as possible, with the rest of the people between them. In the story, George warns Lennie to stay away from Curley’s wife as much as possible because she means trouble. The third image illustrates the scene where Lennie accidentally kills Curley’s wife. Lennie’s symbol, which used to be round, is now in an irregular image with sharp places in some of the sides. This shows Lennie’s frightened reaction to what he has done to Curley’s wife. The small light green inside him has grown and takes up more space in his image because he becomes very scared and childish. Also, the flower that symbolized Curley’s wife now shows zigzagged lines, showing that she has been broken, or in other words, killed. In the background, there is a black and white swirl that shows the tension that Lennie is experiencing with orange triangles showing how confused he has become. I used this colors because they can describe uncomfortable situations and can give negative appeal in the scene. The fourth and final image describes the scene where George has shot Lennie in the head in the end of the story. The small light green shape that was inside Lennie is now broken into small pieces, showing that he has died. Notice that the sides of the shape that is representing George is less straight. His shape shows small curves around it, showing that his attitude has softened a little bit after he killed Lennie. The blue shape in the inside has become bigger as well, showing that his inside feelings are taking over. The small light green shape in the center of his symbol represents the guilt of killing his friend, but knew he had to do it to save Lennie from Curley and his mob. The white and green circles and the yellow background in this image show the cold silence in the scene. The orange-zigzagged shapes show the uncomfortable situation George has brought himself to. The whole wheel also contains some unison symbols as well. All around the circle are blue strips of paper that also describe the mood in the scene. Think of a river and how it moves about. When the river is calm, the water is steady, like the blue shown on the top right image of the circle. If there is a disturbance to it, the ripples become less spread out, which is shown on the second scene (bottom right). In the story, the cause of this is the unsteady relations between the people in the barn. On the next scene, where Lennie killed Curley’s wife, the blue edges are sharp and bigger, because of the sudden scene of Lennie killing Curley’s wife. Last is the scene where Lennie dies. The blue edges are very tall and very sharp showing the extreme setting of this last scene. In the center of the circle is a green shaped image that signifies the how the story started and ended in the same place. It is like the world, where the triangular cuts are obstacles that the two men had to overcome through the story.