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Happy Mothers Day!!!
Yours truly,
~If i can use every star as a reason why im glad your my mother, i wouldnt have enough stars~


(its 1:07am and im still up
to make this poem for you
cuz i kno its once in a year
and its worth it for me to do ^^)

Happy mothers day mommy
you see, i wouldnt forget
Its one day out of the year
something i will never regret
Mothers day means more to me
a day where i can say
all the thank yous for all you have done
In this very happy day

Thank you for making a difference in my life
Learning to live live life and love
learning to read and write junk
and believing in god above

You're different from my friends' mothers
anita told me "i envy you"
because you seem to understand
what we all have to go through

maybe i get annoying
always in the computer everyday
but i know you still love me
it always ends that way

Ive learned that i can never repay you
for all what you have done
providing me food and shelter
you are always the one

Thanks for always being behind me
i know ud understand
about all the decision i make in life
always giving me a helping hand
For all the problems i have in life
i always turn to you
cause i kno you always have the right answer
on what i have to do

When i am down or sad
any minute of the day
i always like hug you
makes me feel better that way

I know what you go through
having me is a pain
by Happy Mothers Day anyways
Yours truly, Elaine =)