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ShOUt OuTz
[f.W.e.n.z p.i.k.z]
[f.W.e.n.z p.i.k.z2]
mAi SiLeNt DoLlZ (updated loong time ago)

BuNcH o LiNkZ:
GhEtTo TeSt
PuMp FiNgEr VeRsIoN
WhAtZ WrOnG?

Hey! Wutz up? Diz iz dRaGoN n diz iz mai page. I kno diz placs look funni, but i aint reallie puttin much effort on it. Aite i need more ideaz on wut else 2 put up on dis page. N sign my g-book!!!


03/22/02: Well I got the first page done ^__^;; ok well I'm working on this page rite now...and rerelearning html aint so hard as the first and second one....geez itz so hard to remember these things...ha the onli things i can remember r lyk bold, link, and space codes ^^;; so this is mai first entry 4 now...i kno wasting mai time on da net again...but once i saw ppl doing it too...i decided to redo/make another i have so much i 4got nearli half of them now ^^;; i kno its lyk in da middle o da skool year...and it iz kinda odd having me doing it at this time o year...but aw well..daz just me...well payce gotta finish workin on diz...^_______^

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